I Kinda Need A 3rd Opinion For This One

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diana AkA bAbY_gUrL - April 4

well i am 15 years old and my boyfriend and i wanna baby. we have been thinking about this for about 3 months now and i still am confused. one part of me wants a baby soooooooooooo bad but then the other part of me says to wait. help!!


Mommy2Kylie - April 4

Can you support yourselves on your own, with no help from your Moms or Dads? Theres your answer.


Liv - April 4



Audrey - April 4

Diana- You have to think hard about the prospect of having a baby. Is your bf willing to stay with you through it all and provide support? Will you both be able to finish school and get jobs that will allow you to support a child? Do you have the ability to support a family without relying heavily on your parents? Best wishes!


Grandpa Viv - April 4

It's a problem, I know. Your instincts and body signal readiness, your mind caution. Compared to 1,000 years ago, the world is much more complicated. You will also live three times as long - with your successes and your failures. Sip the wine. Smell the roses.


Samantha B - April 4

Great advice Grandpa Viv, even for someone of my advanced years. Cheers!


TO DIANA - April 5

... I have no right telling you whether or not to have a baby but I will give you points to look at! Right now my situation is trying to tell my parents... how are your parents going to take it? If your that serious maybe bringing it up with them before conceiveing a child is a good idea! I mean, what about school? I'm not saying you won't beable to finish there are many who do but 9/10 don't, is that something you are willing to face? Is the to be baby's father up for raising a child and if not finacially supporting it? I mean, you can't even drive yet...


katie - April 5

im 14 and pregnant and really excited and stuff but i think should wait until u r sure tht it is wat u want =) xxx katie oh yeah and gd luck


..... - April 6

yuor too young.. you have a whole life ahead of you and you dont want to be held down, but its your choice, as long as you can support it and keep it healthy.


in your shoes - April 6

Im 16 and am 5 weks pregnant, trust me, you might think you are ready but you arent. you and your boyfriend have no clue what a life altering experience this is and how much confusion, depression, and pain it causes to you and those around you. i will always love my child and the baby is the happiest thing in the world, but you are way to young to have a baby, i am way to young to have a baby. live life while you can and be a kid because you dont realize how great that really is until you no longer have that option.



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