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Mikesgirl - December 11

I know that some of the advice that i'm saying to some of you people seems mean but i'm just trying to tell you guys how i feel about the things that your writing on this site. I'm tired of having people say that they don't know if there pregnant and they won't go get a test done. It makes me mad and people don't realize how much it makes all the pregnant women feel like we arent that important. What also makes me irritated is that there are teens that are getting pregnant at the age of 12,13 and 14. You teens have alot left to your lives. You don't need to ruin it by going out and getting pregnant with your boyfriend. You think that its that only thing that you guys can do. But i'm not trying to be mean but i'm just telling you people how i feel!!!!


Advice Girl - December 11

hey don't shut yourself down so much ok sweetie everyone is just giving everyone advice and they can either take it or leave it so no worries ok honey. Sweetie you didn't go get a test done right away either. honey we all feel irritated with people who are like that but it's all in our nature


Mikesgirl - December 11

No, its not in our nature to go out and get pregnant at a young age. I know that i didnt go get the test right away but you know that i did go get it done. And that people that are saying there pregnant and they havent went and got a test and its been many months since there last period it makes me very irritated and you know that. I know that i waited a while but that was because i was scared to find out my results and now that i'm not scared about it anymore i can deal with all that stuff. It is always going to make me irritated and you know that!!!!


Advice Girl - December 11

you know this is weird that we are sitting next to eachother when we are talking lolz. funny funny stuff...tehe!!! no but it is in our nature not to think before we do things. ok honestly what doesn't irritate you


Mikesgirl - December 11

There is alot that doesnt irritate me you just dont konw what all those things are so poop on you. I know its really funny that we are next to each other and we are writing back and forth instead of talking about it. But you know that it is always going to make me irritated to hear about that stuff and its never ever going to change and i hope that you know that. I still love you though.


Advice Girl - December 11

i irritate you from time to time and you can't say you don't cause i know i do. i irritate everyone and sometimes i find it FUN!!!!!!!!! I'll eat your rainbows and poop out b___terflies CHARLIE!!!!!


babii_boo91 - December 11

mikesgirl- I felt the same way you did 3 years ago when i joined this website i was also 14. first i would like to say that sometimes you dontknow when to test and thats why some girlspost,also that they are trying to fidn out if its in their heads or an actualy possibility I have posted wondering my chances of being preg. and i myself have two children. I had my first at 14 second at 16 and could be having my third at 18 My point is i know both sides of this, and all you can really do is respond to the posts that you feel you can help with, emotions run high on this website ive noticed over the years, so its best to just stick with helping who you can and ignoring who you cant :)


Advice Girl - December 11

-Mikesgirl- hey sweetie how are you?? i actually got the chance to go on here when i'm at home tehe. but mom's not home hahahahahahahahaha aren't i smart. lol anyway i'm sitting here being bored out of my skull stuck with my brats(brothers). I also happen so have Bo and his little guy here who i havent been able to put down since i got home today. He's my little angel and i don't get to see him much but it's all good i guess i get to see him when i can same thing with Bo. Josh goes back home tomorrow morning at like 7 and then Bo comes back here then we are all leaving for the cities. it's going to be so sad cause now i won't see Bo for like another long painful month. i told him about the whole baby thing. and like after he got done chewing my a__s out he asked what i was going to do about it. I honestly told him i didn't know cause like i know that me and Billy need to wait but honestly we are ready but just not ready in the way that we should be. All we got is baby on the brain, a baby boy to be exact. i love kids and that's never going to change. i've been waiting so long for a baby. and the fact that it's here makes me want to hurl to a point cause i'm so FLIPPING HAPPY about all this. and i'm so happy for you and mike too. granted like you said you guys aren't ready but hey you know life takes you by surprise sometimes and all you can do is live everyday as if it was your last. and you know that girly don't you?? If we don't stop to look around we could all miss it with just a blink of the eye!!!! but omg i have to make another post that just came to mind so ima let you go and you have fun reading this and i'm sure i'm going to get a big FRIKIN message to read at school on monday!!! loves you honey love Advice Girl


Mikesgirl - December 14

Hey girl, yea i know how you feel. Today i'm sitting in the cla__s room feeling like i have to hurl and ive felt like this all morning. I know that me and mike arent ready but you know what we have a lot of support behind us now. We finally talked to my parents about the fact that im pregnant and they told me that they would do there bests to try and help us out and me and mike thought that my parents would be made at us for him getting me pregnant. We will be telling his mom is the doctors test comes up positive. We are scared to find out what his parents are going to say. Me and mike spent the weekend together and he made me feel like i was on top of the world. He did tell me something that i didnt want to hear but he didnt tell me because he thought that i was going to get mad at him for doing the thing he did. But i told him that i wasnt mad at him for doing it because he doesnt do it all the time and it made me happy that he told me after a few days of waiting. But you know that things are going to be good between us. I'm just happy that he told me and that he trusts me that i'm not mad at him for doing that stuff. I just told him that i would have liked if he told me before he waited for ever. But i hope that things are going good with you and your man.


Advice Girl - December 14

well i'm glad that you have alot of support behind you now. granted you had alot of support behind you before but whatever. Girl i told you that your parents weren't that evil, and i also told you that they may have been mad but you are their daughter and i knew they wouldn't shut you out. now don't you wish you would have told them sooner?? see i told billy that if he does it to tell me either before or the day after and i promised him i wouldn't get mad at him as long as he tells me about it. and i honestly don't care if he does it because i can't stop him. even after i move in with him i'm not going to be able to stop him from doing it. another reason why i kind of want to get pregnant before i move in with him but that's another story i don't want to get into. ya but you just have to be happy of the fact that he did tell you instead of not telling you or you hearing it from one of his friends right?? omfg they are going great =] me and billy are so excited for this comeing weekend i need to spend some major a** time with him. i miss him so so so so so so so so much like he called me when i was at the hotel this past weekend and i cried cause he wasn't with me and i wasn't with him. he's all like baby why you crying and i said because i miss you. he's like don't worry i'll make up for the past weekend when you come over! lol and we all know what he means by making it up to me lolz he's such a goof ball but i love him anyway. is it just me or does christmas this years just doesn't seem to be real??


just a teen - December 14

I agree, safe s_x!!! get on the pill, 99.7% efficient! and not only is it not fair to YOU to have a baby at 12, 13 and 14 but its not fair to THE BABY either to have teens as parents with no money and experience as an adult.


Advice Girl - December 15

-just a teen- see i'm 18 and i'm excited to get pregnant, me and my husband to be are really excited about it. i finish school i n may and then i move in with him beginning of june!!!! i'm really excited and we are hoping for a boy!!! -mikesgirl- hey girly guess what mental images ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. so yeah like last night i was writing to you and Mark calls me and asked me to watch Josh for him and of coarse i said yes cuz Josh is the cutest lil guy in the world. he's my pal tehe. so yeah ima go before i get in trouble see ya!!!



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