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Mad Mom - March 14

I work in a clinic and I see first hand a LOT of young parents. In their opnion they are great parents but to others they lack parenting skills big time. Numbers of children come through there with filth and dirt and neglect. And what about discipline? Sometimes love is not enough. Children require baths and good hygiene training. And they need to be taught manners and respect for others and other peoples property. And to the parents that smoke do you have any idea what you are doing to your children or do you just not care enough to quit? Their poor little lungs are struggling to function and they have to be brought in for breathing treatments. You can lie to yourselves all you want and tell yourselves that you are good parents but from what I have seen from young parents in the clinic most of you have no business with children. You need to grow up and get out on your own and quit trying to play grownup. Having babies does not make you grown up. When you have a place of your own and can support yourself with a stable job and lifestyle then you should think about babies. Until then leave grownup stuff alone.


bump - March 15



Kay - March 15

I am not going to waste my time with replying an answer to you


Audrey - March 15

Amen! It's so unfortunate that many young people see life through rose-colored gla__ses and believe that they can have/do/be anything they want withouth working for it.


short chick - March 15

I know where you're coming from with this post. It's exactly like that at my local health centre- lots of teens pushing prams and smoking a f__g the second they get out the door! All they're after is their Monday Book (child benefit book and council house). I'm not speaking about ALL teen mums but a large percentage of them fit this description. Sorry but it is true.


Re: kay - March 15

I am Kay and I did not post the 3:28 post so to settle confusion I am [email protected] I totally agree with this post. Too many young people do not have proper parenting skills or anyone who cares enough to teach them the skills they need to be proper parents. Good luck to all young moms and if you don't know what your doing be woman enough to seek help for your childs sake.


bump2 - March 15




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