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Army girlfriend - October 15

i may be pregnant i have 3 symptoms and is taking a test on friday. im 16 ive been taking care of kids since i was only 10 yrs. i have been an auntie since i was 1 yr old. i have 3 of my nieces and neaphew living with me. im very responcible i clean i pay a few bills and i have gone through so much in my life that was like shit. finally i met the one that has made me the happiest ive ever been in 16 yrs. he brought me flowers to work. kissed me every time i hit something on accident or bump into something. hes in the army and wants to ask my dad if he can marry me when he gets back. he has made me feel so good about myself because i am a little chunky and he loves it. he has made me more confident. i love him so much that we planned on having a baby. you may think im young but all i want is something that can be ours and only ours. so i may have a little one on the way, should i be thankfull if god grants me with one of my own? Help me out.


HeavenisMine - October 16

I hate to be the one to say this, but do not expect much support here due to your young age and att_tude. Now don't mistake me, you have a positive att_tude, it's just a bit on the naive side. I say that having been there done that. We know this is your decision to make though, that having been said, I believe children are always something to be thankful for :) When I was sixteen I wanted a child too, but thank God I waited. I took care of children much like you, including my sister's while she was unable, but having your own will always be sooo different, no matter what. If in fact you do fall pregnant, remember during those times of pain in the pregnancy, this is what you wanted, so yes, do be thankful when the outcome is settled:) That is my opinion, please please do not take any of this in any negative way. I feel a deep compa__sion for teens who want children, and it makes me feel kind of sad knowing some change their minds so quickly because they are still growing and learning about life in general, and then things become so rough for them. I hope this doesn't happen to you.


AbbiesMummyEm - October 16

Sorry to say but I dont really get your post. For the most part, it sounds like you are trying to convince people on here (and yourself) that you are ready for a baby, but then you put those last 2 sentences.. should you be thankful, and then you ask for help? Sorry just dont understand that bit hun. Believe me you can have 100 nieces and nephews, nothing is like having your own child 24/7. Its beautiful, and it is d__n hard at the same time. At 16 its just not a good thing to do. Why not just enjoy each other for a few more years, and if your love is as strong as you think, then you are sure to go the whole way over time.


GimmeaBub - October 16

Babe you got so much coming in your life you dont even know what your later teens and early 20's are gonna be like, trust me it's unbelievable, it's so great not having the responsability and partying out, and going to proms and never having to worry about other than yourself, also all that money you earn from your (if you are working in between school) You get to spend on YOU! Yes you!, you can go on shopping spress with your girlfriends have all the nicest things, have the latest fashion, the shoes you like because you earned it! Trust me baby is very very expensive, you got alot on your plate when that comes along, plus with your bf being in the army, are you going to be able to cope nights when he's not able to be there if he gets sent to another country, what about Baby food? Medical insurance, life insurance, a home of your own? Darl I am sure your very capable, but it's not like looking after another persons child, you can give them back, but when you got your own, you got it for life! No turning back, have you got dreams of holidays to Europe with your Boyfriend, or maybe Vacations to other places, having a baby makes that so hard it's not funny! Trust me darl I am 21, I am still younge too, but you got to be organised and prepared not just emotionally, but financially and physically! And what about school?Are you sure you can handle studying, plus having a little one too, neding all your attention? No ones trying to put you down darl, if your so sincere on having a baby then no one can stop you, but if your questioning if you should be thankful for god giving you a baby, then your probably not ready, Sorry No offence is made just talk to other teen moms, (i say this to many young girls) as there is alot that comes with a baby, when you get some free time walk into a baby store and look at all the money your going to be spending on things for your bub, do some adding up, trust me the expenses are incredible. Best of Luck Baby Juice


KooKoo - October 16

you sound like an idiot. Grow up before you go having kids for god sake. Just cos youve babysat you think youve got what it takes to be a mother. Go to school


tish212 - October 16

this is the first and foremost thing to think about...will u be able to afford it? its not just food and clothes...its a crib..car seat stroller...changing table...bottles...blankets...onsies..pants...socks...crib matress...sheets for crib...food....more food... dr apptments...lots of them non stop medicines for u and baby... car seats...start out at $50 and up cribs $100 and up clothes...$10 for 2 to 3 onsies..and u need tones of those...the list goes on and on have u ever seen the price of formula? I realize ur "in love" with this guy because he's nice to u.... which is great by all means but I know at 16 I wasn't ready to be married...let alone tied down by a child...u should go out and enjoy being a teen... shopping partying hanging out with friends...sleeping in on the weekends... and like said b4 spending all the money u earn on urself... marriage is hard enough...the u addthe stress of a child...it could make it nearly impossible... I understand the want for someone to love and love u but don't bring a child into this..not this soon....if u wanna be with ur bf do that maybe get a dog..or cat? try that first cuz like stated b4 babysitting doesn't even scratch the surface of what being a parent is like.... a baby needs u 24/7 and yet another thing that hasn't been mentioned here...pregnancy...while it is a huge blessing is no walk in the park...back aches...ur b___sts ache all the time..stretch marks...painful ligaments pulling...u can take medicine for it either...cuz tylenol just doesn't help that pain...running to the bathroom every 20 minutes...constipation for 9 straight months... morning sckness that lasts all day... ur feet swell...then u have to spend tone of $$$ on new clothes...to fit u when u get bigger... and trust me its not fun...I am blessed and thankful to be pregnant... but I also had no idea before hand that pregnancy feels like this ...24/7 NOT just once in a while...u can't sleep....u can't get comfortable either standing laying or sitting.... there is a lot more involved in a baby then just those happy times when ur holding a smiling baby...and I think that's the only reason u want one...but please before u make such a life altering decision think about everything everyone is sayin to u...it is a HUGE responsibility...and u need to enjoy ur childhood... cuz trust me...once ur an adult ull miss the c___p tta that freedom...gl


GimmeaBub - October 17

See both these girls can give you first hand experience,as wodnerful as having a baby really is, are you preared for the scarifices? The hardships? I am sure you already know this, but also consider this, what if by any chance you hve a child who is born with any form of disability, they did not pick up on an ultrasound (i know a woman who just had a baby with dows syndrome which the dr's never picked up), can you handle that too? Thats double the amount care you give a perfectly healthy happy child? Hunny open your eyes, enjoy your youth and like the other girls said, get a puppy, My fiance and I got one, ad boy oh boy, it's likehaving a baby, she need everything, and because we spoil her she gets it lol, And the bills dont stop, i gotta pay for her vaccinations, her sterilisation, her pet food, now, think of a baby and triple it! Seriosuly get a pup, they keep you busy until you decide to have a baby! Baby Juice


lunamoo - October 17

OMG!!!! How can you say just because you babysat and "clean and pay a few bills!" you are ready to be a full time, prepared, responsible mother GROW UP. And utmost annoying is coming here and trying to convince people you are ready. God doesn't "grant you one of your own", UNPROTECTED s_x DOES.


BouncingBabyBoy - October 19

Yes there are the greatest moment of being a mom. LIke hearing that your baby is going to alright, hearing your baby's first cries, hearing your baby babble to word mama, watching her crawl to you when you call her, rocking her to sleep. but you need to realize that having a baby is not everything, it doesn't make your relastionship last longer, it doesn't. A baby is a blessing but can get in the way of your childhood. No matter how many bills you pay, or how old you were whe your first niece or nephew was born, you are still a child. You are not done growing up. I HAD to grow up fast, I think Kendra and other girls on here know what I mean when I say that. You need to finish being raised and growning up before you raise a baby



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