I Lost My Angel

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sammi - August 20

im 18 years old and i have twins they are a year old and i love them so much. i'm married to the father and i love him too. i was pregnant again but just recently i lost the baby. i feel like i cant go on. i lost apart of me and idk what to do. i cry my self to sleep. everytime i look at my baby girls i think to myself they could of had brother or sister. i was only 2 months pregnant but i had bonded with the baby already. i wanna try to have another but im scared to what if i lose him or her again. i dont even let my husband touch me. i like to be alone. or just with my babies. has anyone here had a miscarriage? how did u go on? becuase i just feel like a big part of me is missing...


M - August 20

i also lost a baby at the ago of 17, i was 10 weeks when i had it. It is very depressing and i didnt go anywhere or talk to anybody except my mom for about 2 weeks, i came to peace with it by realizing that a miscarriage is gods way of letting a baby go that wasnt going to be perfect. I got pregnant not even a month after that and i am now 8 months with a girl. It is ublikeley to have miscarriages but sometimes thats just how it turns out. Eventually you will come to peace with things and you will be ready to have another baby and he or she will be perfect and even though they will never fill that void, you will be happy. Good luck, if you want to talk more my e mail is [email protected]


Megan - August 21

I lost a baby before my son was born. It didn't affect me as it is you. Not that I didn't care but I was only 6-7 weeks pregnant. I just found out so I suppose it didn't sink in yet. After I had my son, I got pregnant with my daughter. She was born August 26th 2004. My daughter pa__sed away from SIDS on February 1st 2005. She was 5 months old. A week later I found out I was pregnant again. I'm due October 23rd. If you feel like you can't go on because of a miscarriage...you know how I feel because I lost one to SIDS. I had her around for 5 months (out of my belly) I don't know if that came out right but I didn't mean to sound harsh. Just e-mail me [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as I get ur e-mail. I check my mail tons of times a day.


sammi - August 21

megan, im srry about ur daughter. and i understand. and it didnt sound harsh. its just hard. just when i think im starting to get better sumthing reminds me of the fact i lost the baby. its just killing me inside.


Megan - August 21

Honey it will get better! Dont ever be too scared to do something or you'll regret never doing it. Yes you'll be scared a bit when your pregnant...but look at your twins...because you got pregnant and miscarried they as well as you and your husband will ALWAYS have a SPECIAL guardian angel. After Mackenzie died...I didn't let my husband touch me let alone be alone with me. All I wanted was my son Korbin. Now...yes I like to cuddle with my hubby but we still haven't been "close" if thats what you want to call it. Not just because of Mackenzie but because I feel like I look horrible being pregnant. I go on because I know I have a little one to take care of. You have two. Not counting your hubby. It helped when I started a journal but I wrote in it like I was writing to my daughter. In your case it would be just "baby" or "angel" whatever u prefer. Did you know your due date? If it helps have a birthday on babys due date. Mackenzies birthday is this friday....aug 26th...and we're still having a birthday. ~Some people only dream of Angels~ ~We carried one in our bellies~ REMEMBER THAT!!


sammi - August 21

thank you so much. u made me feel better. maybe ill start a journal thing. and yes i did know the due date it was March 21. again thank u for taking the time out to talk to me it helped. and i will always remember that. =)


anon - August 22

i have read that miscarriages occur often, i think it actually said that one 1 in 3 pregnancies result in miscarriage. its your body's way of dealing with probably would not have been a viable pregnancy or a healthy baby. you are young and you will go through the normal grieving process as do many others in this situation. if it helps, seek counselling to discuss your feelings of loss. the pain will ease eventually.


Tiffany - August 28

I have never had a miscarriage, and i have never been pregnant. I am only fifteen, but your story touched me. There is some reason or another that God thought you shouldn't of had that child. He will give you another if it is in his will. Talk to your husband. You guys need each other the most now. Don't avoid each other. God will bless you in many ways, I promise. My Mom couldn't have children, so she adopted my brothers and I. At first everything seemed bad to her, but then she was blessed with us.(I'm sure that now we are all in our teenage years we're not so much of a blessing. Haha) I'll pray for you, your husband, your babies, and your future. God bless you.


Julia - August 29

Sammi, I am so sorry for you. I'm glad you have two children to love and care for but I know that losing a child must be really hard. Plus you are dealing with the fear of trying to conceive again and it happening again. I haven't had a miscarriage but I do know some of the grief process and it is normal for you to isolate yourself to help deal with the grief in the early stages. I know that if you isolate yourself too long, that could not be healthy for you, your children, or your husband. Sometimes, men don't show when they are grieving. I would try to do something, even if it's very little to let him know that you still love him and your family but your just trying to deal with the loss right now.


D - August 29

it ok only gos nows why but you should not treat your husband like that becuase just like you he is all so in pain and needs support



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