I Lost My Nuva Ring And Now I M Pregnant

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Vicky - January 14

I inseted a ring after my period. My boy friend fingered me the after of December 21st and we had s_x at least once a day during school holidays. We I went to remove my ring at the end of the cycle and It was gone. We look and looked and found it in his car. Than means that it came out on the 21st and I was unprotected during the holidays. i did a EPT this morning and I'm Pregnant. What do we do now my bf want's me to keep the baby. In 3 1/2 years when I finish school we will get married. What should I do?


Grandpa Viv - January 14

Excuse my suspicious mind. Do you think he might have known what he was doing when he removed your bc, and intended for this to happen? You may think he is incredibly attentive now, but that can turn into controlling and jealous later. Consider your options as dispa__sionately as you are able and get the advice of others you trust. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - January 14

Here's a wild guess. He did this on purpose. He is the very attentiv


to vicky - January 15

I to would be cautious about your boyfriend.It is suspicious.You could consider adopition but I do believe you would need his consent.If you want this baby then keep it for yourself not because he wants you to.What are your views on abortion?How did he react when you found it?Did he know it was your birth control?It is up to you.Just be careful in the future about you boyfriends motives.


feli - January 15

just pray to GOD things come out good, you might think that it wont work, but do it with faith!!!


amerissa - January 15

i hope he didnt do that on purpose... its kinda like that post called "bad deed"... once he does something like that u cant really trust him. what did he say about it being in his car??!?


Brittany - January 15

I don't think your boyfriend did it intentionally. I was having s_x with my fiance' in a wierd position...sorry tmi...and the ring fell out and we didn't even know until after the deed was done. So I'm pregnant now as well. It's great your boyfriend wants you to keep it, your lucky hes being supportive. You can always put the baby up for adoption if you don't see a soon future in parent hood or keep it. This is my second pregnancy and I'm due in June. Good luck with everything. The rings come out easily if your not careful so maybe thats just what happened when he was fingering you.


april - January 15

If your boyfriend didn't know it was your birth control it may have been a accident.A big maybe.He should have found it odd you had somthing up there.If he knew wha it was I would say he what he was doing.I find it hard to believe he didn't feel it with his hands.Comming out during s_x and not knowing I could see but his hands,give me a break.Even if he took it out to intending to let you put it back he should have told you before.Did you mean you have three years of high school left?How old is he?If he is older this may be his way of traping you,or he thinks.Thinking you will have to be with him.I have no place to judge because I don't know you or him.I'm just throwing these things out there.


Noelle - January 15

Why dont more people realize adoption? You dont have to give the baby away forever. You can do an open adoption and see the child as much as you and the other couple agree on. You can even get a family memeber to adopt until you finish school. There are so many options, but to keep it, would ruin its life forever.


bethany - January 16

keep it. but that is kind of messed up he might have done it on purpose. i used a nuva ring though and it felt uncomfortable. you should have still been using condoms (i learned this the hard way) but definitely keep it and good luck w/ ur man. about that adoption thing, i would be worried that the adoptive family wouldnt give the child back when youre ready! definitely make sure u have a contract and a copy and a witness sign that paper.



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