I Lost The Baby

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Coral - June 26

hey everyone ......=( well sorry it took so long for me to reply but ive been busy and not on the computer for a while.....sooo this is my update on the 19th i was rushed to the hospital by my friend tyler .....as i got there i started bleeding like crazy and i found out that ive got an cyst on my left ovary about the size of a golf bal......=( 20mins later i misscarried ...........i would have been 12 weeks on the 20th......im soo upset and i dont know what todo......im not in pain anymore...but it still hurts because i was getting used to the idea of being pregnant..... then as it turned out the father ( who broke up with me 2 weeks before ) he didnt care that i lost is ...and made no deal about it what soo ever and that hurt me even more....uno what else to say but im going to sleep cause im soo tired......toodles.... ANY ONE BEEN THREW WHAT I HAVE PLEASE>....tell me how u got over it .....i need some suport.....or something.....


Robyn - June 26

Hey Coral! I'm sooo sorry for your loss=( I know exactly how you feel. I was 14 weeks and I was at school on the 12th of May and I collapsed and got taken into hospital. They told me that I was having a miscarriage. It was the most horrible experience I've ever been through! The baby father told me two weeks before it happened that he'd be there for me and he didn't want me to get an abortion (he said that he did when he 1st found out) and we were gonna be great! I was devestated when it happened because my baby was my whole future! If you have msn mine is [email protected] or just email me or post on here. we can help each other out. The WORST thing you can do is keep it to yourself. and the father was just an a__s. He DOES care but he doesn't want to show that side of him incase you think he's stupid. He's probably crying when you're not there. Not even a serial killer wouldn't care about losing their baby! I've cried everyday since I lost my baby but what made it a lot easier is naming your baby. From the moment I found out I was pregnany I knew it was a boy. I named by baby Cameron. And another thing I done was to get a pretty box and put his name on it, put all the things that reminded me of him in it. I bought a baby grow for him and some socks. I drew pictures and wrote letters and put them all in the box. I cry less and less everyday and you should feel less hurt everyday as time goes on. I know it must feel like your whole life has fallen apart but things WILL GET BETTER and just keep your head up and everytime you miss your baby, look in the box and just remember him. Doing the box and naming my baby has really helped and I'm a bit happier now. You'll always have a part there for your baby and you will always fell sad about it but after time things will be a lot easier!! Take care and feel free to email me or add me on msn if you have it. And i hope u take my ideas into consideration! Lots of luv from Robyn x X x X x


asdf - June 26

I haven't been through it myself, but I know people who have. I won't post details on here, though. Feel free to email me if you need someone to talk to. [email protected]


Jennifer - June 29

I know that losing a baby is a terrible loss. I am sorry for you. At least you won't be obligated to have anything to do with Cody anymore. When you have a baby with someone you can never cut them loose. Find someone that loves you and respects you. You deserve someone to be good to you. I hope that your body and heart heal very soon.


Adriana - June 29

I{m so sorry about what happen. All of our love goes out to you. But maybe it just wasn't your time . you'll find someone to love you and for now god will take care of everything Remember 2 things #1 god has your child in his arms and #2 is that you are never given more than you can handle. I sometimes have to remind myself that 20 times in like 5 minutes.


Jessica - June 29

hi Coral...I had a miscarriage last August..I was about two months pregnant at the time. Luckily my boyfriend was there for me thru the whole thing and shared in my pain. You need to have an outlet for your feelings tho. I had alot of long talks with my mom after it happened, if you are close to your mom, I recommend talking to her. Or if you have a friend that you completely trust, thats good too. It is a painful and emotionally trying experience, even if the pregnancy was unplanned, as was mine. God bless you and believe me the pain will lessen up someday.


Now - June 30

Why did you really lose the baby? I know that your story is only half true, i understand that you lost a baby, but not because you had a golf ball size cyst on your ovary. Honey, your ovary is the size of an almond. For it to be a golfball size, it would have burst, and you would have needed immediate medical attention. Best of luck.


Kimberly - June 30

I just wanna say to "Now" that cysts can be that be.I had one on my right ovary and let me tell you what its i had one the size of a half dollar on mine so let me tell you what she probaley did have one the size of a golf ball.To Coral im very sorry for your lost my best friend was 4 months along when she misscarried it was so hard for her but she got throw it even though her and her husband probaley wont try again(her husband has never had a child) they always thank God that they did get pregnant.


sorry - July 1




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