I M 10 And Have 3 And 1 On The Way

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????? - March 10

Do you girls realize how rediculous you sound? You all need to grow up and get a life! I am so sick of hearing all the lies and stories that your creative imaginations come up with. Please GROW UP, STAY IN SCHOOL and learn some MORALS!!!!!!!!!! Don't have s_x until you can adequately a provide for yourself. And living with Mom and dad doesn't count!


Mommy2Kylie - March 10

Im not lying about anything, and Im pretty sure a lot of these other girls arn't. I do believe people ARE making up stories. But you just sound foolish sitting here whining about it. Im 19, and I can raise my baby just fine, I don't live at my Mom and Dads house. But you know what? My 25 year old cousin lives at her Moms house with her 2 kids, my bestfriends sister who is 23 lives with her Mom, with her daughter. My bestfriend and I, who are both 19 live on our own, with our kids, and make our own money. Don't be so quick to judge and call names. It makes you look stupid. You don't know anything about any of these girls so stop throwing out your horendous a__sumptions.


jj - March 10

to??????: I feel yah a lil bit but you should chill cuz you dont know who is lyin and who isnt. You have no right to tell ppl that you dont know if they are ready or not. I understand sum ppl do come on here and start immature b.s but not everyone does. If you cant even tell us ur name and all you can write is "????" then dont act like ur all high up in the world...


Amanda - March 11

I am 17 years old and I have a 5 month old and another on the way. I don't know who you are because obviously you don't have enough guts to put your name next to your post. But you know what, you have no right to judge me. What I and all the other legit pregnant girls on this sight need is some support. That's why we came here. And I am apalled at all the sickos like you who come on here and dare to tell us how to live or how we are. Please get a life and stop making us feel like sub-humans. It's not right and it's the last thing we need. If you're not going to be supportive and offer some helpful advice please get lost and stay that way.


Emma - March 12

U r probably only jealous that we have a purpose to our lives an you dont! I live on my own in a house nicer than u ever will. I hav a great job an qualifications but most of all i have a beautiful son.


?????? - March 12

Actually I am 24 almost 25 I work in a very unique profession and I see first hand several of the things that for my opinion. I just sold my house and I own 3 cars and have supported myself and put myself through college since I was 17. I have purpose and direction as well as being 22 weeks pregnant. I am commenting not on the legitamit people that is obvious by the question t_tle but all the little girls making things up. And if you don't like the fact that I think you need to grow up and get some morals then don't read it. No where does it say this is a support forum. I am very supportive in posts that are written in such a way that shows respect and a desire for advice. but I am sorry I am 15 and I want a baby is begging for slamming.


jordan - March 12

i meant to say there are like 6 or 7 girls that are using this in a bad way, the rest arent at all


?????? - March 12

First Jordan my post says 10 not 13. And second I cannot possibly single all the girls who are lying. And while you are right it does not matter what you have success does come with maturity except in the entertainment industry. Your fear is understandable and if I were in your shoes I too would be scared. But look what behavior you were doing to get there. That's what I am saying. Girls need to step back and look at the demoralizing things they do. Iwant each girl here to learn some self respect and respect for your body. Its not a bar where anyone can come in it is a sanctuary that should be shared by your soul mate. I fear for the futures of all our children and I want them to have the best shot and that means that their parents must have morals and self respect. I also agree that being 18 does not make you ready, it is a state of mind and a lifestyle that makes you ready. I have met 30 year olds that are not ready. But without an education and a good job I cannot see how a teenager is ready.


Pink Lady - March 12

I think you are very rude coming on here and tellin people they are lyin yes i am very sure there are sum people who are lyin but did it even occur to you that sum people genuinly need help??? wel???


Katelyn - March 12

Are you serious... I can't believe that you are still having more babies after the first one if you are that young...If this story is true you must be crazy! Right now I think I might be pregnant and I'm only 14 about to be 15 but at least I have some knowledge to know that this is wrong and that I shouldn't be pregnant. You are still having more babies even though you know that it is wrong!


To ?????? - March 12

First of all, I think you're a coward, "???" isn't a name, and if you're going to come on here and judge a bunch of people you don't know because of something you've seen them write on the internet, then get some b___s and put your name down. My second thing to you, is you said "if you don't like that Im telling them to grow up then don't read it," well, you know what. If you don't like seeing 15 year olds asking for advice, THEN DON'T READ IT. You've contradcited yourself, AND have made yourself out to look like a hypocrite. Congratulations. Again - I agree with what you have to say, 10 and 13 year olds should not be wanting babies - BUT you came on here with your "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and your capitalizing words trying to intimidate these young girls, and thats sick. Please, give advice, don't scream in peoples faces. Kourtney


????? - March 13

Morals are not related to religion. Yes commonly religious people do have a set of morals but everyone has morals just some choose higher ones than others. As for Katelyn- you made a comment apparently without reading anything but the t_tle. Silly Little Girl. Next I am not yelling at anyone- I am sorry if capital letters to make a point is yelling. As for Kourtny I think it is funny that you mention me not putting my real name yet I could easily make up a name the point is no one truely knows anothers ident_ty. I have refrained from commenting to the young girls who I find repulsive and thus started my own opinion that gives anyone who want a choice to read it. I do not routinely slam girls here at the teen forum. But I think that maybe that is what they need.


becca - March 13

OmG!! wen i red the name of this post i started larfin im glad this ent a real gal and seriously most of these gals includin me are for real just sum arnt if you dont like it leave ( yea i dont care how much u earn or what you have thats not really whats important money doesnt equal happyness


Mya Limp - March 14

i think thats real rude wat your saying or writting. many people on here do have questions that they do need to be answered. even if some are lying u should still take them seriusly cuz u never kno wat their going thru. I have 3 kids my self and im only 15 and i find that very disrepectful..wat your saying i think some times u should think before uu speak


RE; Mommy2kylie - March 15

Guess what ? You are not 25 or 23 yet like your cousin and your best friends sis. Lets see how you do in a few years when the roses start to fade and you have to move you and your child back in with your mommy. Things happen in life tradegy can strike anyone so don't be so quick to get comfortable where you are. Life can be great one minute and gone the next.


becca - March 17

people like to go off subject dont they why cant people just say what they fink about the topic not about ppls replys!!


Lynn - March 17

Not to be mean but it's not our fault that you have 3 kids and one on the way!! and you can't tell everyone to not have s_x!! thats up to use!! NOT YOU DO U EVER THINK THAT WE NOT AS DUMB AS YOU!! MAYBE WE USE A CONDOM!!! OR MAYBE WERE ON THE PILL SO WE WON'T BE MAKING THE SAME MASTAKE YOU ARE??



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