I M 11 Yrs Old And Pregnant How Do I

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Lauren - May 3

How do I tell my parents about my pregnancy, I'm so scared to tell them, the other problem is that i don't even know who's my baby's father!!


To Lauren - May 3

You just have to come out and tell your parents, theres no specfic way to tell them, just get them to sit down and tell them you need to talk to them and then tell them. When they ask who is the father telll the truth. Narrow down all the possible fathers and when the baby is born you can get a DNA test to see who the father could be.


Grandpa Viv - May 3

At 11 years your mother probably thinks you are still playing with dolls. Just ask "Mom, how does a woman know that she is pregnant?" After she has finished explaining you can give the "Funny, I've been feeling like that lately. Do you think that could happen to me?" You may get a bunch more info than you are looking for. Let her talk it out, and then kinda break the news. If you want more help mail me at [email protected] and we'll come up with a plan. Good luck!


dont mean to be rude! - May 3

great advice grandpa viv! lauren you dont even know who the father is at 11 years old.is this a wind up?


Maya - May 3

Sounds like someone just wanting to start controversy.


Garry - May 4

11 years old!~!! did u know the human body isn't physically ready for s_x until age 19!!!thats 7 years. your risk having contracting cervical cancer just increased as well as a 75% chance you will need a histerectamy! Your 11 years old, your body couldn't even give birth, your hips aren't big enough yet. OH MY GOD!!!~!! no daughters, please, dont let my gf be pregnant with a girl


To Garry - May 4

Why wouldnt you want to have a girl??


Harry - May 4

The only thing you can do it this point is pretend you got raped. Just say it was a stranger, doesn't matter anyway since you don't know who the father is.


to Garry - May 5

where the hell do you get your information from? Once a girl starts to have a period that's her body saying that she is ready ( not saying that it is right). if the body wasn't ready she wouldn't get preg. The mind might be immature, but not the body ( just developing a little more) there are females ( in different countries and cultures) that once you have your period you get married and have children. get your facts straight buddy!!!!!!!!!


Lauren - May 5

Thanx guys, i'm telling my parents today, I know for sure that i'm gonna be taken to one of this clinics to have an abortion, and please don't judge me for my age, i know i made a big mistake and i'm gonna change for good.


Grandpa Viv - May 5

Lauren, I'm glad you have decided to tell. Come back and let us know how it goes. Don't let the moralizers do a guilt trip on you. You and your parents have the right to make this decision without others interfering. There is morality in making sure that the children you do have are brought into the world in optimal circ_mstances.


To Lauren - May 5



kathryn anderson - May 6

i posted that last email that i sent to someone else becasue i think that you should read it if you want to find out the possivble consiquences to what he suggested you do or to what you were even thinking or considering to do. it is not a safe thing or smart ting to do. if you really want help you should go to a planned parent hood near you and get pills or information about what your current choices are depending on how pregnant you are at this point. i had to get help from planned parent hood recently because the condom broke and i got the morning after pill. so you should look into that and go as soon as you can. they cost $25 for the pill and $20 for the visit with the doctor. so if i were you i would consider that. and if you do decide to tell your parents what has happened (which i do suggest but i decided not to cuz my bf would have gone to jail) do it when they are calm and preferably NOT driving or stressed out. but becasue you are so young dont expect them to be happy about it becasue they wont be. and that the truth. GOOD LUCK!!!!!


autumn - May 8

to garry: yah know, kids these days are pshically maturing alot earlier, so its very possible that this girlz hips are big enough to give birth. you never know, everone dosnt develop the same. when i was 11, people would constently mistake me for being like 15 or 16. now that im 15 people tell me that i look 19 or 20. all im sayin is, if this post is actually true, the girl is probly like me, looks alot older than she actually is.


maya - May 8

thats true. im 11 and people mistake me for a 14 year old. i get "hey baby" and all that c___pt. and i might be able to carry a child to full cause i got my period and whatnot.


Lauren - May 9

HI people, I told my parents about my pregnancy and guess what? I Almost got killed!!!! my dad was really upset but I was surprised that my mom was supportive (and upset at the same time). I’m really feeling bad ‘cause I broke my mom & dad’s heart, I thought they were going to force me to have an abortion but they gave me an option of having the child or not, and I’m deciding to have this baby. I give you thanks to all of those people that took the time to read and write to me.


Robin - May 9

LITTLE GIRL! I don't mean to be rude or mean to cause I know you feel bad as it is. But are you doing having s_x at 11 years old any way? Your not my kid so I not going to say what I would do if you were. But I caught my 14 year old sister in my father's house in the middle of the night while everybody was at home she had snuck some 17 yr. old boy in house and they were having s_x they tryed to make me think other wise other wise but just so you know I myself got preg. at 17. I could have killed that girl and that ugly a__s boy. Next time you want to do something grown up PLEASE protect your self. Good luck to you.



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