I M 13 And Pregnant

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Georgeas - October 17

I don't know what to do. I'm only 13 and I'm pregnant. It's to late to get an abortion. My mother kicked me out, and now I'm living with my grand mother. My baby's dady don't take responsibility for it. What should I do?? My life is Over!!!!!!!!


E - October 17

Will you consider adoption so that you can continue school?


name - October 17

E, you can continue school with a baby. I am 18 and finishing up my last year of highschool. Free daycare is provided almost everywhere now. It might require a little more work.but just because youre a teen mother does NOT mean you can't and won't finish school. and Georgeas..when the baby is born go to court, get a paternity test to prove this is the father and by law he must pay child support.There are ways to find support.Your life is not ruined, it is just changed.It's up to you to make it for better or worse.


E - October 18

13 is far different from 18... It will be a difficult thing for a 13 year old to stay in school until she graduates if she has a baby so young. It can be done, and yes, some manage to do it but many do not.


hey - October 18

Well you life is deffinatly NOT runined just because you are haveing a baby it pronanly is better for you show you responsibility and also to love and care for something so much you cant help it!! Things will probably get worse before they get bettter but I will all trun out great in the end


LALA - October 25



Maurielle P. - October 27

Dear Georgeas, Please E-mail me at [email protected] I would like to help, don't give up! Your life IS NOT OVER...."It's not over till the fat lady sings" "Where God closes a door somewhere he opens a window!!!" ~~Maybe God sent you this child....through an accident ;) to bless you! DON'T GIVE UP!!! E-mail me! Love, Maurielle


Ca__sie - November 2

If you think you wont be abily to take care of the baby maybe you should think of adoption there are people who would love a baby and cant have kids.


rosie - November 2

girl i got pregnant at 16 and im still going to school so dont worry be a good mother


moose - November 2

I am so sorry to hear that, as much as I wanted to get on here and fuss. I don't have the right nor can I pa__s judgment on what you have done. make sure you get the right prenatal care for your baby. you might want to give the baby up for adoption since you won't have the suport you need that baby deserves a good home and you can't provide that right now best wishes to you sweetie keep your head up


Brittany - November 3

Calm down everything will work out in the wash. My friend was pregnant and her mom kicked her out, but as soon as the baby was born her mom wanted her to move back in. Just calm down and tell the babies daddy to learn some responsibility because it takes two to make a baby. Good luck on everything!


Sammy - November 3

i think that you should sit down with your mom, the father of the baby and a counsellor, and talk about the issue. Talking to your mum can help reduce the severity of the issue, and you can get back the relationship that u have lost. YOur mother is a vital person in the situation. GOod Luck


me - November 5

ur life isnt over, it is just a little complicated at the moment. Consider Adopiton Georgeas, my sister adopted out her daughter when she was 15. She is now 25 and is married and pregnant, but says adoption was the best decision for her. She couldnt care for a baby at 15, so she gave it to someone who wanted a child but couldnt have one, and who was able to provide for it. Adoption really is a nice way of looking after your child considering ur age. Good luck!


kysha - November 5

there are other options like giving the baby up for adoption.if u dont want to that then my dear its time to get ready to be a mother and be more adult like.seen as ur just a child urself u need to do a lot of learning.there are groups you can join that can help you along the way.


Sarah - November 11

first ask yourself if you really want this baby or not. if you do want thi s child then the only person telling you , you cant is you..and you DONt have to listen. i feel your pain hun. i got pregnant when i was 12 almost 13. i got kicked out by my mother also and had to live with the father who married me and then told me he wanted a divorce the day of my babys birth! i am now 17 and have a healthy little girl that means the world to me. i finishes highschool early and with extra credits, was the valadictorian and still cheerleaded. you can do this. if the father is so blind to see what hes missing, then onney you dont need him. your mother will come around i promise, she wont be able to resist a grandbaby. if you EVER need to talk you can e-mail me at [email protected]


charasimo - November 12

you can do it:) age doesn't matter, that baby was sent from god to you, yes, life will be hard, but through triasl and error you and your baby will make it, i have had three children and i just turned 21 yrs old:) email me and i can send some pictures and advice for yo [email protected]


kayla - November 12

why would u get pregnant at 13 ne way that was so stupid of u to do u are only 13 u have ur whole life ahead of u !! i am 13 and i aint havin s_x until i get a good job and after highschool



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