I M 14 And My Baby Was Planned

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Meranda - May 16

Im 14years old and ma babys father is 16 we've been together for almost a year but he has got into some trouble in the past and he might be goin to jail in 9 days We both want tha baby but i dont know if i should keep it. Should I keep tha baby?


to meranda - May 16

you are 14 what areyou thinking getting preggo do you know how hard it is to raise a baby you will never be able to go out with your friends or enjoy your teenage years what do your parents think??


Meranda - May 16

Yea i know how hard it is to raise a baby n im ready for it i work a full time job at a daycare rasing 32kids pluse goin to school, ma mom doesnt like ma choice but she supports me and tha baby, ma friends are not as important as ma family, I mean i love ma friend n ma friends support me and said they will help me raise ma child


To Meranda - May 17

If the baby is planned, then why ask us if you should keep it or not? Why plan a baby at age 14 anyhow? I think you should be at least a legal adult before planning a baby!


katlyn - May 17

i think you definitely shouldn't keep the baby because as uneducated as you sound, you need to stay in school. besides, who'd want their baby growing up having a father who's in jail? that's so trashy.


becca - May 17

im sorry but you planned this pregnancy dnt just get an abortion or adoption just because what you thaught was going to be a perfect lil family went t_ts up


Nic - May 17

full time job in a day care - yeeeeeaaah riiiiight!!!! As if. And go to school? OK...





ellie - May 18

if u planned it then it is your responsibility to follow through.


Audrey - May 18

Meranda- If you and your boyfriend planned this child you need to look hard at whether you have the ability to support it. Will both of you be able to go back to school or get jobs afterwards? Who will take care of the baby? There's a lot that needs to be addressed. Good luck!


Maire - May 18

the way i look at it if youll planned to have the baby and you were women enough to open your legs then baby girl you better take care of this baby doesnt matter about the dad


kristin - May 18

no you shouldnt. im sorry you are only 14 and you have your entire life ahead of you. i dont believe in abortion so please dont do that! but so many people in the world are unable to have a child of their own and would be thrilled to have yours! so i think you should have it and give it up for adoption. i know this sounds hard but you are so young. and your boyfriend and you are most likely not going to last. you deserve a shot at a good life dont let this baby take that from you but instead this baby will give some couple so much joy; so give them that chance! good luck! its your decision this is just how i feel...


katie - May 18

well if i can do it so can u...im 14 and hav a 13day old baby girl...i think u sud keep the baby...after all u planned to get urslef pregnant and ur family will support u...and ur baby's father will get out sometime im sure....but u can do it if u want to...take care xxx katie


Meranda - May 18

Thanks Katie A lot You People Who Are Talking Trash Cant tell me Where I Work Or If Im Uneducated Im Still Going To School And Have A Full Time Job So Unless You've Been In A Family Where your Dad Hits U And Is abusive Dont Give Me Advice About Having A Child Just Because Of Age Dosent Mean Your Imature I Lost Ma Brother At The Age Of 5 When He Was Only 3 So Yea I Was Woman Enough To Open Ma Legs But Im Sure U Have To . My Baby, Ma Boyfriend, And Me Will Make It Just Fine


Whatever - May 20

I've been through that, and trust me, it is a living hell having the father in jail... Don't keep it, you're only puting yourself in a bad position. Think about the child. And I was young too, and I like like "Awww wouldn't it be so cute having a little baby?" Trust me, wait until you're atleast 18..


RS - May 20

Meranda I was 15 when I first got pregnant. I had my son at the age of 16. I got pregnant again at 17 and had my daghter at 18. I am now 21 years old. I graduated high school in the top 10 percentile in my cla__s and I am now attending college. I have 4 and a half year old son and a 2 and a half year old daughter. I had to grow up fast and couldn't do what the other kids my age were doing. Like your pregnancy mine too was planned. Although it is hard you can do it. I work, go to school, have a car payment, pay rent, pay bills and feed and clothed my children. And for the most part I do it alone. I get an occasional child support check. You baby's father may say that he wants to be a father right now but I guarantee whenn he given the option of going to a football game or cleaning poop he wont choose to clean poop. DONT RELY ON YOUR BOYFRIEND BE STRONG AND YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF keep in touch


Jessica - May 20

Meranda, at this point that child's welfare is the most important factor in your decision. You might have made a mistake but don't make the baby pay for it. Your choices are at the moment , to keep the baby and raise it yourself or to allow someone to adopt it and raise it. A year is not a long time to be together next time please look at the long term , a baby is a lifetime commitment



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