I M 15 And Probably Pregnant

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plzhelp - November 3

well i had my last period on 10/8 but i had s_x while on my period with my boyfriend and he ejaculated in me and i've been feeling very tired lately, and i have noticed that my stomach is getting harder a few inches below my bellybutton..i am expecting to get my period 11/7 but can i take a pregnancy test now..b4 my missed period?


E - November 3

It will probably not pick up the pregnancy hormone yet. I would wait until you miss your period or it will be a waste of money. EPT is the most sensitive test according to websites. It requires the least amount of HcG to get a positive result. You likely are not pregnant if you had s_x during your period. The symptoms you are feeling may be due to the fact that you are about to get your period. Best wishes.


AMa - November 4

help me please!!! My boyfriend and I have had s_x three times and we used a condom until the very end then we took it off so it would be more pleasureable for him. i think i was suppose to get my period last week and i still havent got it im so scared im only 15. when can i take a test? do you think im pregnat even though he never c_mmed inside me.


KM - November 4

Ama, OMG what is with you girls and thinking using a condom at the first of s_x is ANY kind of protection? You might as well have left it off the whole time.Just because he never went inside you does not mean there wasn't prec_m.. or even sperm from earlier on his p___s.There is a chance you a pregnant. You can take a test anytime, but keep in mind that sometimes you can get false answers. so if it says negative, take one a few days later.If you have 2 negatives and still no period, go tot he doctor for a blood test as these are more acurate.While youre there you might want to get some information on safe s_x to prevent future pregnancies, because for someone who doesn't want to get pregnant, you're being a little careless hunny :/



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