I M 15 Could I Get Through With Having A Baby

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Sarah - August 12

i'm 15 and wonder if i should have an abortion or keep the baby i don't know if me and my bf could keep it thought shouldi yes or naw?


To sarah - August 12

Ask yourself these questions. Can I afford and care for a baby? Will I be able to finish school? Will I have a life? What about College? Can my body handle a pregnancy? Will the boy(guy) stick around? Do I want to get up with a crying baby 3am in the morning?.....Taking care of a baby is a lot of work. It take 18-21 years to raise a child. You will no longer have a life. You can't do anything with a baby. No more shopping and enjoying yourself with your friends. Most of your friends will stop hanging out with you. Your boyfriend will move on and get bore. Most teenage girls are all along with a baby. You have your whole life in front of you. You don't need a baby in your life right now. Enjoy being young!!! Take care


- August 12

please have ur baby, and if u cant raise he/she, find a loving family that can. good luck with what u choose


mekell - August 12

Hi Sarah I am not sure what you circ_mstances are but if you can't keep the baby consider adoption over abortion. My husband and I had twin boys in February that were born premature and died shortly after birth we can't have any more children and our arms are so empty. There are so many couples out there like us waiting to be parents who need couragous people like you to help us build our families. If you ever want to talk about adoption or have any questions for us email us at [email protected] good luck with everything!!


nicole - August 12

hey! dont go through an abortion! i mean think of all the loving couples out there who cant have kids and want one so bad, while here you are choosing to kill yours! my husband and i have been trying for 2 years to have a baby and after 2 years of heartbreak and several negative tests later, we chose adoption! we understand all of the upsides and downfalls to adoption! but having the child, will make everyhting ok. so please consider usa and what i said when you make your descision! thanks and God bless!!!! contact me at: [email protected] if you need some one to talk to!!!!


Em - August 26

I, as a christian, am personally against abortion. If you and your bf are unable to look after a baby right now there are other options that do not include killing your child. For example, look into adoption or foster caring. Dont throw away what you have been blessed with...


please - August 30

please think of the baby, and not ur self, give the baby a chance, let it live and grow, have a real family that would love and take care of it. insteas of abortion how about adoption!!


listen - August 30

u have ur baby and watch u get attached not to sound rude but then u give it up for adpotion but have an open one were u can still see ur baby and if u feel after that u have ur ducks all in a line and can care for that baby u go ahead and get ur child bac cuz it wasnt put on this earth for nuthin everybody has a purpose so let ur baby live and ull see wat it was ment for


Heather - August 30

Your emotions are so nuts right now. Pregnancy is a crazy time. My personal thoughts as a pregnant teem (17 wks) is that you should carry to term but look for adoptive parents. You can always back out but at least you have a way out if you realize you can't handle it. Giving a baby up for adoption is the most loving, generous, and selfless act ever. Think about it. Most people who have abortion regret it the rest of their lives. ~STAY STRONG~


- September 3

sarah do u know what ur going to do yet, adoption is a option


Heaven - September 4

Well girl if you can't keep the baby just keep it in your tummy for 9 months. Then find a family for your baby that is ready and can take care of your child. Well, it's up to you.. don't get an abortion


- September 6

sarah whats going on did u go one with it, or did u change ur mind


kevin - September 6

Waz up Sarah I belive that that an abortian is wrong, but that's just my personal belief. if you do get a abortian then it would spare you a lifetime of faliure, if you do keep the baby then you will probably never get a good job. socieaty is very stouborn, they look on others mistakes and ridicule them for it. if you decide to cary it to term then the only way to safe guard your future is a closed adoption. this how ever is very tramatic. if you decide on a closed adoption, you do not want to have much of an emotional conection with your baby. it will only make it more painful when there gone. if you do decide to keep it make shure you are tight with your bf, so its kinda like your married. you have to give up 18-20 years of your life. and make shure your kid understands not to make the same mistake. i hope one day society will respect all parents, i feel helpless, my heart gose out to you. Just stay tight with your bf, friends, and family, this is the time you find out who really cares for you. please concider what i've said, all i can do is help people one at a time. i'm only 14, but i hope you'll take advice from a little kid like me. good luck, and gods speed- kevin sweeney


Lisa - September 7

I think you are in the best position to know if you are able to raise a child. I suggest you ask other teens what they have had to give up in order to keep their baby, how it has affected them. There are a lot of young girls you could talk to about being a teen mum. I am sure they would be happy to advise you. Make up your mind after you have looked at the pros and cons.


- September 7

An abortion is not the end of the world. Abortion is ALWAYS an option. All those people who tell these girls to give it up for adoption, It is much harder to give up a baby than it is to have an abortion and go on with your life. Anyone young should be given the option as being pregnant stuffs their whole life, from having to stop school, their friends not wanting anything to do with them anymore and then the worst at the end if going through with an adoption, after spending 9 months with this baby inside them, have that part of their life, and going through the things above, it's ripped from them, and they are left with less than they started. Think about others lives before thinking about your own


hoping to adopt - September 7

Coming from someone who tried to have a baby for 10 years and now we are trying to adopt.I say please dont abort.Raise this child if you can if not then let someone else raise it and know he or she will be taken care of,there are open adoptions now,you could be involved in your baby's life.


girez - September 7

i say u keep it,i mean u did choose to have s_x,so u should be ready fo anything,specially that,would u want for ur parent to abort u?i dont think u would,da baby has notin to do wit it,jus accept,n love it.



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