I M 16 6 Weeks Pregnant And Alone Please Help

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Zan - October 4

I've just found out I am pregnant, and the father left me after finding out I wanted to keep the baby. Now I'm alone and my parents don't know yet. I have no idea what I'm going to do... and I desperately need advice. Please help if you can x x x x


Lexus - October 4

hey girl i hear what you are say tell your parents that the best thing to do. really. 4get your baby father he aint nuffin just move on you do not need the stress you are having a wounderful child.


[email protected] - October 4

Hey girl, well i am hear to help. I am not hear to judge, I am hear to give helpfull advice. First off, about your baby's father, he is young and nieve. He is more likley in shoke about the hole thing and is a lil bit freaked out about the situation. Did you expect something diff. out of him when feeling to tell him? If you did, i am sorry. In most young couples pregnancy's, the males do usually get scared and run off. But just for a bit. He will, most likely, be back in a few days, just give him some time. And when he does show up, you need to sit down and have a long discussion with him and do what is right for your baby. Talk about, the most improtatn, your child, but then lead to the relationship that you two have. But in some cases, the man, when ruining off, sometimes they dont come back into the woman's life And if he is one of those guys, you don't need him in your life any ways. In the mean time, look forward to having your baby and staying healthy. You don't need any stress especialy at this time of your life right now. You need to put all your emotions that you have for him aside, and look forward to taking care of your baby. About telling your parents, what i feel is best, is writing them a letter. Write it, and before you go to school, leave it on the kitchen table, or just put it in any place where you know they will find it. Yes, a discussion will later be done, but you will give them some time to think and to vent before talking to you. They are going to be mad. But that is something that is expected. You are their Little girl and knowing that their baby is having a baby, is a big shock to them. I wan't you to know that you are not alone. There are alot of young pregacnys out there and they do get by. It is going to be hard. And if you do choose to keep your baby after the birth, you will have alot of struggling, especially in the begining, but you will manage. The most improtnat thing is staying in school. There are actually, schools, intended for pregnancy/moterhing woman that includds a day care center. Allowing you to get the education that you need. Just keep your head up. If you want someoent to talk to, i am hear for you. My email adress is [email protected]



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