I M 16 6 Weeks Pregnant And I Have To Tell My Mom

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Karla - October 11

Hi, I'm 16 and I'm 6 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend is very supportive and I'm EXTREMELY positive that he'll be there every step of the way. That's not what concerns me. Thinking about my family and my mom, and what they're going to be thinking and what they're going to do after I tell them I'm pregnant makes me want to die. My mom's pride and the humilation... She'll be so furious. She told me once that if I ever get pregnant, she'll kill me. What do I do?


kara - October 11

hey karla am 16 and 5 weeks pregnant i am not with the father and have not told my mum and dad yet u can email me or add me 2msn if u have it. [email protected]


Candi - October 11

I don't think you have any choice but to tell your mom. She'll be disappointed at first, but hopefully she'll get over it and come to enjoy her sooon to be grandchild.


Chloe - October 11

Dont worry all paretns say they'll kill you if you get pregnant but they dont mean it. im 17 and 21 weeks pregnant the thought of telling my mam and dad was really scary as they had high expectations of me and i was supposed to be starting my nurse training. but you have to come clean, they will be upset at 1st but they will get over it, now my mam and dad are buying everything and they cant wait! they have realised i can still become a nurse only ill start my training a bit later. the most important thing is that you have the love and support of your boyfriend


heather - October 11

Well you have to tell her. You could rush and get a marrige license before you tell them. You mom probably will be really upset but she'll get over it when she sees her granbaby. It will get better. I know. When we told my boyfriends mom she screamed and yelled and was totally flipping out for like two hours and she made me leave their house. Now she's excited to have a granson and she bought me a ton of baby stuff and things are fine. I'm now five months.


******* - October 16




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