I M 16 And My Period Is Late After Having Sex With 3 Boys

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Nicky - September 11

At my best friends birthday party about 3 weeks ago I got totally p___sed and apparently I had s_x with 3 boys in the bathroom (at different times). I vaguely remember having s_x with one of them but can't remember the other 2 at all. When I woke up the next day people kept telling me I smelled of s_x and then my best friend asked me what the s_x was like with these 3 boys. My period was due a few days ago and I'm worried sick that I might be pregnant. I'm 16 and totally mortified as one of the boys was only 13. What should I do?????


nat - September 2

Oh my god, you cant be serious???? Well if you are then I really think you need to get to the doctors girl. If you've had unprotected s_x then its not just pregnancy you need to worry about - how about STD's!!! Sorry dont mean to scare you, but its reality! If your late for you period then a preg test should give an accurate result.


dont go to a party and get waisted - September 2

dont go to a party and get waitsted cause you will end up having s_x. you need to go to a doc. cause you might have STD's and you had s_x with a MINOR! that is NOT good. next time think before you drink, smoke ANYTHING!


Nicky - September 3

Thanks everyone. I got really upset and blurted everything out to my mom. She got me a test and it was +. I cried for hours. She wants me to have an abortion and I think I want one too. I don't believe in abortion buy how could I have a baby that possibly has a 13 year old dad? I'm so confused. Does abortion hurt? Will I be able to have kids in the future? Oh and I am NEVER getting p__sed again.


bee - September 3

abortion can be painful. consider all of your options before you rush to abortion. also there are possibilities of health hazards like holes in your uterus that could cause you to be sterile. just read about it and inform yourself then make your own decesion. good luck


Jess - September 3

The abortion will NOT be painful as you are VERY early into a pregnancy so it will be done by taking a pill and you will proceed to have a period which may be heavier then usual. So don't listen to people on here and don't worry. It will be fairly simple and you will be able to get on with your life. I hope you have learned from this and won't find yourself in a similar situation in the near future.


Nicky - September 3

Thanks Jess. That really helped. I thought getting an abortion would mean having an op even if you weren't far gone. I'm almost certainly going to have an abortion. A small part of me is telling me not to but it really is for the best I think. I have learned from this. I'm never drinking again or having s_x unless there is protection there.


bee - September 3

i speak from expierience, and have had 2 abortions. 1 medical and 1 surgical. The medical (pill) hurt me worse because the cramping is terrible, i am not against abortion so im not trying to scare you. But you get terrible cramps for 45 minutes anywhere up to a few hours. You then pa__s a clot, and have a 'period' for the next couple of days.


.. - September 8



Nicky - September 9

I'm not a hoe.


susie - September 9

How could you have s_x with 3 people just because you were angry what kind of excuse is that. You opened your legs and now you don't want to take responsibility. That is bull. Think about the innocent baby that you would be killing. Next time don't spread your legs


Nicky - September 9

I never said I was had s_x because I was angry! If you read properly you will read that I said I don't really remember having s_x at all. I only very vaguely recall one of them. So don't call me names when you can't even be bothered to read what I've said b___h! I'm not mental either! I'm having an abortion as soon as possible.


pam - September 10

just 1 thing Nicky! be responsible! u shud learn how to accept realities! and abortion is wrong! think it hundred times! and most of all pray! as for now! he's the only one who could help you! and give you knowledge to do what is right! talk to your mom bout dat! and talk to a guy who did that to u! maybe dey can help you...c",)


JAJ - September 10

If you think your grown enough to go to a party, drink like your 21, and have s_x with 3 boys then you should be grown enough to face your problem! Which its obvious that your not! Have you thought about praying and asking GOD to help you make this decision!! This is a HUGE decision your making! Do I kill this innocent baby? or Do I own up to my mistakes? The decisions up to you....Just remember this may be the only child that you can have! Good Luck in what ever you do! I just pray for your sake you make the right decision.


Susie - September 10

Well you said you got p__sed what is the difference in being angry. You are a kid having s_x with kids. Next time don't spread your legs or except the consequences. There are plenty of women out there that can't have children be blessed that god gave you that gift


Susie - September 13

well how could she not remember not having s_x that is something you remember. Next time b___h don't open your legs and take responsibility


amanda - September 13

she got to wasted to remember get it thru ur head.. shes not a b___h and dont yell at her i dont think its her fault ... oh and you can still have s_x if your legs are closed :o)



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