I M A Little Concerned And I D Like Help

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Anonymous - September 3

I'm really embarassed about it, but my boyfriend and I had s_x for the first (and only) time about a week and a half ago. He used a condom and he never came. I got my period a day or so later. Please understand that my periods are really irregular, so I hadn't planned on having s_x during a fertile time in my cycle. A few days after we had s_x, really big problems came up in my family, involving me, and I was extremely stressed out. I got sick once. For a couple days, I felt queasy. This is pretty normal for me; I get an upset stomach when I'm upset and stressed. I'm off my period now but I'm having cramps (I think), my hips are sore clear down into my legs, and (this may be totally unrelated, or it may not be; sorry if it's too much info) my stomach aches because of gas (I think that's what it is). Now, my mother knows I had s_x (and didn't approve, of course) and was somewhat worried that I'm pregnant. I realize this is a mother's first concern and it could make her paranoid, so I don't know if she's really a reliable source to worry about. But before she brought it up, I wasn't really worried about it, considering the facts; it was our first and only time, he used a condom, and he never finished. I've heard semen can "slip out" even if the man doesn't ejaculate, and I don't know if that's true or not. Anyway, I get a little queasy when I think about being pregnant, I'm much too young, but other than that and the cramping I feel fine. I don't know if cramping is a sign or pregnancy or not. And the pain in my hips and legs I thought may be normal, because I've heard that even if you aren't pregnant, there are new hormones in your body after you have s_x the first time. I think, if this is right, it could also be the reason for my stomachaches. Please help me out here, I'm pretty worried because I do NOT want a baby at my age. I'd feel much better if I knew the facts and what my "symptoms" mean. I appreciate it.


SaRaH - July 26

I am sure that u know the first time is unusual to ur body. I think that stress and ur nerves will affect ur gas and nausea. It is best to get a test after u miss ur period! GOD bless you!


Shari - July 27

Darls, stess can effect our bodies in soo many different ways, and i think that maybe this is what is making you feel sick. I remember the first time I had s_x ( I am 23, and lost my virginity at 22) and I was paraniod that I was pregnant, to the point where I was making myself sick worrying about it. S_x also effects your menstral cycle as you may expereince a more painful period and around your v____a may be quite sore when you bleed. The symptoms for pregnancy are so varied and normal that they are often mistaken for general aches and pains, especially if you are irregular, I would say the cramps are not a good sign to go for. You may want to go to the doctors and talk about this if you feel comfortable in doing so. Babe, I'd say you are pretty much fine especially if you have had a period, you are most likely not pregnant. I would see about getting some bcp if you are planning to stay s_xually active and always make sure a condom is used. Take care luv :-)


brittany - August 12

um...huney I am in the same situation as u r and I am very scared and if you wanna tlk about this u can email me at [email protected] bc same here about what u r sayin if u need sumone to tlk to u r welc_m to tlk to me.....luv you brittany


Cortney - August 31

I stressed out over my first period after having s_x because we didn't use a condom for 2 minutes... all it did was make me miserable and now I'm bleeding like there's no tomorrow. It's the stress, the new s_xual activity, and your negative thoughts. Chill out.


Ranae - August 31

Anonymous I doubt that you are pregnant. Since your period started a day or so later after you had intercourse you would not have been around the ovulation time. Are you sure it was your period and just not bleeding from the intercourse? Most females do bleed after their first time because the "cherry" is popped. Condoms can leak due to holes or if the male does not know how to properly put a condom on they can break or slip off. Just a suggestion...if you are going to remain s_xually active and don't want to get pregnant take extra precautions...get on the pill and also use a condom. I think your body is just reacting to your worrying so try to relax. Your mother is just worried so don't be upset w/her, ok? Take care.


Sal - September 1

Hi, I'd be extremely surprised if you were pregnant the chance seems zero. I'm sure its just the worry making you ill. For your own peace of mind do a test. And ignore unhelpful comments such as Katie's. Stop worrying!!


marisa - September 3

go and see the doc- then ur know for sure. no point in asking ppl who dont know u or ur body! get help.



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