I M A Mean Person But So What

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give me some advice - April 15

Okay ladies, ya'll are probably gonna think I'm just a terrible mean old wench. I've been dating someone one and off ( but mostly on for about three years). After about two years I started to get turned off and annoyed by him. He acts like a girl, he is caty, he always is arguing with me, he blows things up in my face that's why I don't tell him anything. Everything about him just annoys me... I know this is private but I can't take his little p__s anymore. So last spring I met a guy that I was very attracted too. Around Labor day( september) he took me to visit his family ( the other one never did that). We ended up fooling around throughout the whole weekend ( by that time I knew him for about three to four months). About three and a half weeks later I find out that I'm pregnant. I told the one that I was dating for three years that it was his and I said that I was two months even though I was barely a month. I was going to get an abortion but didn't go through with it. Anyway the one of three years brought the baby everything ( and my son isn't born yet). I hate him and I don't want him to be apart of me or the baby's life. He uses money as a form of control and that p___ses me off. I'm engaged to the real baby's father. How do I tell the one of three years that I don't want anything to do with him.


WOW - April 15

Wow girl... you are just going to devestate this poor guy! Sure you don't love him anymore, but he obviously cares for you and the baby. You absolutely must tell him as soon as possible. I'd sit him down in a private place, and as gently as I could say this is going to be difficult for you to take, but... I also really think you owe him the money he spent on the baby's things. If he can, he should take everything back. But if not, I think the honest and right thing to do is write him out a check for all the things he bought for a child he thought was his. It also surprises me that you're already engaged to the baby's father. None of my business - but isn't that rather quick? I wish you the best of luck. But please - be considerate of the 3 year bf's feelings... even if you don't like him anymore.


Audrey - April 15

If you hate him you have no reason to stay with him. What's the point of staying if you're miserable? You should come clean and tell him that you can't continue the relationship under these conditions, it's not healthy for you or your child. Best of luck!


Huh?? - April 15

Girl -- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? I'm sorry but you have no right telling this guy - not matter how much you claim to hate him - that a baby you are carrying is his when you KNOW that it's not!! I don't even understand why you would if you are engaged to marry the real father... what's up with that? Are you just using this old boyfriend for his money and willingness to buy you and your baby everything you want? That's terrible if it's true. Tell this guy the truth and RETURN ALL of the stuff that he bought for you and the baby because of your DECEIT.


Baby Firefly - April 15

Ok first off why in the hell would u just get up in do that to the poor guy. I think u diserve this because what u did was mean rude and selfish u should of broke it off with him as soon as u started feelings this way, like any normal person would do, and now ur lying out of ur a__s


stalker?! - April 15

He's a stalker because he thinks you're carrying his baby!!!!!!!!! Why wouldn't he want to know what you're up to? You're pregnant with what he thinks is HIS CHILD. Girl - tell him the truth TONIGHT!


Mommy2Kylie - April 16

I'm not going to call you names, people make mistakes. But, I think it's pretty d__n hypocritical of you to say that he's using money to control you. It sounds like YOU'RE using HIS money to support you, and someone elses child, and thats abos___tley disgusting, and disturbing. You need to tell this guy the truth so he can spend HIS hard earned money on himself, instead of someone who's very selfish, and only cares about her self. ACK. I wasn't going to be mean. Anyways - You need to tell him the truth, it can only end in disaster.


Mommy2Kylie - April 16

Well, in your first post you didn't mention that, you made it seem like he was this fantastic guy, working and taking care of you. It didn't sound right. Thanks for clearing it up. It still doesn't make things right..


give me some advice - April 16

I guesss that you are right. And even still it was wrong for me to take all the things he brought for the baby ( but I don't feel real bad about it). Thanks guys for your honesty last time I'm writing


?? - April 18

just tell him straight out cause if you leave it any longer then youll hurt him more, i cant believe that you aint told him yet n if you ask me then i think ur really selfish, think of how hes gona feel when he finds out!! u shud have told him much much sooner!


katie - April 18

no afence but u sudnt have told him tht it was his but tht is besides the point...i think u sud just tell him tht u dont love him anymore and tht its not hes child and tell him straight...theres no other way to do it but gd luck xxx katie


give me some advice - April 18

I don't know why I told him that ( honestly). And if I did tell him that what would happen? I'm dead wrong I know, but I don't even think I care anymore. He did me wrong plenty of times 2


katie - April 18

he will proberly hate u...i dunno i dnt no him but if it wat u really want to do do it and it is for the best gd luck again and u can do =D xxx katie


Keene - April 18

girl you gotta be straight wit the guy. He aint gonna be pleased, but its better to get it out in the open so you can settle down wit the guy your engaged to. What does he think about it girl? Does he know the other guy thinks the babys his?


Give me some advice. - April 18

My story is like a real life drama. I told ( the guy I been with for three years) about the guy that I'm engaged to. I just never told him that he thinks it's his baby to. I'm going to give them fake names, to make this easier. The guy I been with for three years-mike* The guy I'm engaged to John*. Okay, I told Mike about John, but I never told him that John is the father. Mike has heard of john, and john has heard of mike. ( if ya'll hear someone in the new york city has been murdered because of some love triangle... than most likely it's me). This is the kind of stuff that gets people killed. I don't know how on god's green earth did I find myself in this situation. The worse part of it, is I'm not even sure if I really and truly love John. I don't love mike.


Chyna - April 19

it's hoe's like you that turn good men into DOGGs. I feel you when you say that he has hurt you before but see we as woman are strong enough to take that as a lesson and move on. we still look for Mr. right and we don't give up on all men. But a man can be hurt by his mother and he will never trust a woman again he will be a dog hurt a lot of women's feelings until they find that one person that changes all of that for them. the pain that you will cause this man will not only hurt but destroy a part of his man hood and pride it will be embarra__sing (I'm sure his family and friends know) you need to pray to God that this man can move on with his life and not hate all woman and some where as you pray ask God to forgive you and most of all ask God to STOP THAT MAN FROM KICKING YOUR ASS. homegirl you need to get it together and be prepared for your fiancé to leave your a__s like your leaving buddy for 3yrs


Lisa - April 19

Advice - I feel sorry for you... and anyone else involved in your SICK situation. I can't believe a CHILD is going to be brought into this mess. For the sake of that baby having a CHANCE at a normal life -- I think you shoudl SERIOUSLY consider giving it up for adoption. You are so messed up and your situation is a mess... what makes you think you can raise a child that will be "normal" through all of this? And now you say you don't think you love the father either? I'm not here to judge you... but I think you need some SERIOUS councling. Sounds like you have some very deep-seeded issues that need to be worked out. Best of luck to you and your baby. I hope you do what's best for the child in the long run.



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