I M A Young Mom

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joy - April 26

when I heard from the nurse's mouth " positive" my heart jumped down deep into my chest, I felt numb and confused. I left from the clinic with so much emotions I bursted out crying like a child. I told my self 'I'm to young to do this... I can't'. I held my stomach and looked up at god and asked him why he chosed me to carry a gift so great. Once I reached home I laid down on my bed and fell asleep my boyfriend still unaware of the life that we created. I dreamed of the child that I was carrying. I dreamed of happiness and love. I told my boyfriend, confused and unsure I laid my head on his chest and listened to his soothing voice comfort me. " Baby don't worry, this is a gift. We will make it". It put a smile on my face to hear those words float from his mouth to my ears and reach my heart. I touched my stomach and we stared into each others eyes uncertain of what the future might hold. My family told me don't do it, my friends said my life was over. That I was making the wrong choice. They told me to use my head... but I didn't I used my heart. I watched my belly swell and I felt the loving movements of my child. The day came that he entered the world. I remember the pain, but after I only felt love. A little warm bundle wrapped tightly in a blanket, his puffy eyes closed, his little face so innocent. My beautiful, beautiful son. He is my joy.


Cara - April 27

your story is so touching. im a young mom also. I have an 11mo old named Ethan. My parents have always been supportive, though at first they were exremely disappointed. My baby's dad and I arent together anymore and havent been for several months but that is for the better. I love my son with all my heart and I know that life was the way I wanted to go from the very beginning- he is a precious gift from God and I can't imagine him not being in my world.


erika - April 28

that is beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes ,i wish u and ur son all the best take care


katie - April 30

tht was so touching....and also so very true...i cant wait to have my baby girl...just another six weeks...i hope everyone is doin well xxx katie



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