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Jenny - December 18

I am 18 years old and four years ago i was raped by someone i knew, it resulted in a pregnancy and the man helped me to get an abortion, after that i became known as the school bike, and it was true i guess because i did start sleeping around. I have calmed down a lot now and i don't do that kind of thing any more. I have only been in this current relationship for two months and now i'm pregnant again, i just don't no how to take it, i don't know how far gone i am so i don't even no if the man i'm with now is the father. i don't know wether it is right to have another abortion or not i'm so confused.


boo - December 18

its totaly up to you. i think abortion is wrong myself, but thats not for me to say. and even then if i had a child right now. i think i would have to resort to abortion only cause im not ready to give up my whole life just yet. but its up to you. no one can tell you not to, or to go for it. good luck sweet heart. x0x0


Monica - December 18

Jenny, if u feel that abortion is the right thing for u to do if u know your not fully ready for a child now and u can actually not feel guilty about killing a life inside your body then go right ahead. But you don't neccessarily have to get an abortion you could let someone adopt it, if u feel comfortable with that option, and you don't neccessarily have to have the baby's father around i've seen plenty gurls raise their baby without the father.and if u claim your with a man, what kind of man would he be if he didn't support your decision of what u want to do or even take care of the child if you decide to keep it. i hope i helped. I'm 16 and 6 weeks preg. now i know i'm not ready for a baby right now, but i'll get thru it. My bf is by my side 110% and we just couldn't go thru with an abortion, it was too hard, we could never kill an innocent baby, they didn't ask to be here, kno what i mean? e-mail me if you like [email protected]


t - December 19

Jenny, I think you need to go to Planned Parenthood or a regular Dr. for advice first. Personally I think you need to get counseling for what happened to you four years ago. Sleeping around after being raped is actually pretty typical for the victim...most victims convince themselves that what happened was deserved. I would also suggest that you press charges against the guy who raped you. You can still do that, you know. As for abortion, I strongly believe that the only person who can make that kind of decision is you. Go see a Dr. before you make any decision, I hope you are OK.


Cat - December 21

i think you should discuss it with your boyfriend and see what he thinks. If you decide to keep it you can always have a paternity test done when the baby is born. If you do decide to have an abortion in the end then fair do's. Either way you should discuss it with your boyfriend i'm sure your parents will understand even if it isn't straight away. Good Luck xxx



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