I M Having A Baby

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Jason - November 3

Hi everyone. I feel a little awkward writing here but I am going to have a baby. My problem is that I don't want a baby right now. This chick who I got pregnant is so immature and not mother material. She is not someone I would trust my child with. I want her to get an abortion but she is being a real b**** about it. She is only 14 and her family doesn't have much money. She knows she can't take care of a baby. What p___ses me off is that she told me she would get an abortion but she just didn't have the money. Well i found a way to get the money but then she came up with so another lame excuse. It's not fair that I don't have a choice. I know that I can't take care of a child and if she has it I won't becuase I am telling her now that we are too young and not capable of doing a good job. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice of how I could talk her out of it. Are their any girls out there who have gotten an abortion? If so, what are some of the things that influenced your choice so maybe I could talk some since into this girl. I need some advice from a girl so I will know how to relate to her.


Cyndi - November 3

why don't you have the baby and give it up for adoption? its a compromise because obviously she doesnt want to have an abortion if she is making up excuses and it doesnt seem like your mature enough to raise a child nor do u want to so give it up for adoption, or do what a lot of people do have a family member or close friend raise your child so you will still get to have a good relationship with your baby


Jason - November 3

I didn't think of that but I just don't trust this chick. She'll say we'll give it up for adoption then when it is born she will keep it. Once the child is born its too late. I know she wants to keep the baby. She is so dumb she thinks that having my baby will make her look cool or the most popular girl in school. I have been with a lot of girls at her school so I guess if she is the chosen one to have my baby then she will be on top. I was a popular guy at school so i guess she thinks ruining a kid's life is worth popularity


shaelynn - November 3

u guys should adopt the baby... there are a lot of really good agencys and they can help u guys figure everything out... good luck :)


Laurali - November 3

Lately my friends have been telling me horrible stories about how bad abortion really is... it sounds horrible... I'm not critizing anyone if they've done it, but adoption definitely sounds like the better idea when it comes to that. Yet as far as I'm concerned, it is the girls choice... and hopefully, if she decides to keep it, you'll stick by her. *shrug* doesn't seem like theres really much you can do. I've discussed it with my boyfriend before... he knows I'm keeping it, and he respects that... as far as I know. So I'd try and respect her decision... no matter what it is. Using a baby for popularity isn't cool... you'll be the father, you can try and steer the child's life from that... good luck.


Cheryl - November 3

I am an adoptive parent. If you have any questions about adoption you can email me at [email protected] I know a lot about the subject of adoption and would be happy to help.


Honest guy - November 4

Jason. how old are you? i have two things to say to you. 1. you shouldnt be having s_x with a 14 yr old, she is underaged! and 2. use a condom buddy. i know it feels better without. but is it really that big of a difference? and is it worth this mess your in now? i learnt the hardway, and i guess you are now! you cant force her to have an abortion mate. good luck, by the sound of things your about to be a daddy.


megan - November 4

My name is megan and i am haveing a baby and i am happy to be a mother i have alwasys wanted a baby but when i tell my boyfriend he will bw so mad at me but he cant do nothing about it cause it has hapind


noone - November 4

You did the deed and now you have consequences to deal with. I agree 100% with honest guy.


Rachel - November 5

I agree with honest guy too, use a condom, you're gonna c_m either way. And you can't force her to get it done, sounds like she's gonna keep it, so I don't know what to tell you, better get a job. Best of luck though.


nikole - November 5

you said it in the t_tle of the question. but i bet you are going to be a dead beat dad and not give a d__n about your kid. guys like your give dads a bad name.



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