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tbaby12 - February 1

okay well im 5 days late..and last week (wednesday) my boyfriend and i had a "s_x" technically, it defintely wasnt s_x..he went inside me not even 3 times and then we stopped. i was supposed to get my period on FRIDAY..ive had s_x with other people before. and this has never happened, i've never been this late! I talked to my health teacher and she says i have to wait to have a pregnancy tests. I CANT BE PREGNANT! my parents are nazi's and they would shoot me.


Jbear - February 1

Sometimes your period can be late from stress, or from you being tired, or late for no reason at all. How long do you have to wait to take the test?


tbaby12 - February 1

5 days.. =[


Jbear - February 1

Most home tests can be used the day your period is due. A home test is pretty cheap, about $4 at walmart or less at the dollar store.


Grandpa Viv - February 1

A betting man would say the chance is quite small. The small chance of you ovulating 10 days off schedule combined with the small chance of his putting enough sperm in you combines to make pregnancy highly unlikely. You need to wait at least two weeks after s_x to take a test, maybe three. How about getting real with birth control. You are going to end up a pregnant teen within a year or two unless you do. Good luck!


frankschick2001 - February 2

I'm sure they won't shoot you. They'll be mad as hell, but they'll have to deal with it. However, I think the chances are small that you conceived. A woman can be late with her period for many reasons, not just pregnancy. Sometimes you may be late for no reason at all. There are a lot of myths about menstruation. You can be very regular month after month, and then for some reason the cycle changes. When I was a teenager, I was ALWAYS late, I could never count on when my period was coming. Now I am very regular. When I was younger, my periods would last up to 7 full days, now my period is always completely gone by the end of the 4th day. So things change for everyone. My best advice would be to get on the pill if you plan to be s_xually active and also please use condoms. This way you don't have to put yourself in this position anymore. Be responsible and do the right thing.


tbaby12 - February 2

yeah im definetely planning on it after all this is over and done with.



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