I M On The Patch And Had Un Protected Sex Twice With My Partner But Now I Think I M Having Signs Of Morning Sickness Help

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Pink_Passion - August 14

I'm currently on the patch, i messed up on it a few times, i missed a day i didnt have my patch on, and then i forgot to change it for two days. The first time me and my partner had s_x they were not protected and i know it was a stupid choice on both our parts, i didnt even think it was a possiblity because he pulled out way before he ejaculated... but my freind told me that doesnt matter and thinks that i could be pregnant... I dont even want to think about it... I'm not supposed to get my period until next week, how do i know if im pregnant, because if i am i dont want to keep my patch on.... Someone please help me here!!!!!


!!!!! - August 13

You will have to wait and see if your period arrives, YES it is possible that you could be pregnant, especially as you have had s_x at your most fertile time. Even if you miss 1 day of your birth control, for the next 7 days you can pregnant just as easily as someone who isn't on any birth control. The pull out method is not safe. Men have pre c_m which is unavoidable, so even if he does pull out way before he ejaculates an amount of sperm will still be entered into your v____a.


Pink_Pa__sion - August 14

Well see I never really thought much about it, well i kinda did, but put my mind out of it becuase i didnt relaize i had s_x at my most fertile time... I talked to a GF of mine and she suggested that I take off my patch until i know exactly whats going on... because i dont want to risk my baby having problems if it doesnt have to kinda thing IF i am pregnant.... I am trying not to worry myself until i know that i didnt get my period..... But do you think there is a good chance that I am pregnant, i know that my mother is a very very fertile person, shes been pregnant 7 times... I am much like her, so what are the chances of me being pregnant??????



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