I M Only 14 With No One To Turn To

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Nicole - February 27

I'm 14, I got drunk and a boy "matt" gave it to me in the butt. Whats the chance of me being pregnant?


k - February 27

hi nicole, well....the chances are slim to none unless he ejaculated and the s____n miracuously traveled in you and up to your ovaries. the best thing for you to do right now is wait till your next period and then buy a preg. test if your monthly doesn't show up. good luck and, ouch!!...the b___t????...brave


nicole - February 27

im 14 and i have missed my period i am scared please help me


nicole - February 27

ok well like see i am on my period between my mom and my sis and they have both had theres and my mom is on hers and could it just be an irregular period?


becca - February 27

i really wouldnt worry to much the reason why your late is probs coz your stressing over it just relax and dont worry


maya - February 27

u should tell ur mom and take a pregnancy test. or u and a close friend can buy one and u can take it. if it is postive tell ur mom right away because if u don't ur baby could be in danger and please don't have an abortion or adoption cause ur mom would be there for u all the way


katie - February 27

yeah i agree wit becca dnt stess bout it.after all its unlikey ur pregant im not sayin ur not but its very unlikely


becca - February 27

if buy some weird thing your pregnant you have to think about all your options dont feel you have to keep the baby if your not ready ur simly not ready okay:)


maya - February 27

if u tell ur mom and i know ur not ready then she could help u. cause if you give ur baby up or have an abortion u will regret it for the rest of ur life


katie - February 27

jst do wats rite 4 u but to d honest i dnt believe is abortion


becca - February 27

yea but seriously the hances of you being pregnant are slim to none


katie - February 27

yeah true jst keep clam and it will b kul


Rochelle Caughlin - March 11

34 durrants close rainham ess_x rm13 9lr


Blaine - September 18

I'm 14, and my boyfriend Matt wants me to get an abortion but i don't what do i do?


To Blaine - September 19

Dont let him force you to do something you dont want to do. If he threatens to leave you if you dont or something like that then the F*** with him hes not a real man.


Tangela - September 22

Well im pretty sure u cant get pregnant that way! but u need to be more careful who u get drunk around cause men will take advantage of you!!! Better luck next time 'cole!


haeL - September 22

When i was 12, i got it the b___t, and now i have a 4 year old, so it can happen.



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