I M Only 15 And I Think I Might Be But I Dont Wanna Tell My Mom What I Did

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Serena - August 8

I'm 15 and i'll be 16 in 2 months... 4 days ago i went over to my boifriend's house and we did it... ever sence that day i've been getting sic, eating more than i usually do and getting really tired.... my stomach has been hurting and i'm really scared!... I didnt use protcetion and i know we should've.. but i cant go out and buy a tester b/c im to embressed(i hope i spelled that right)... plz help me!


brucen - August 4

Your symptoms are probably psychosomatic, in other words caused by worry and anxiety and probably some guilt. Given that you know you engaged in risky behavior. While there is a possibility that you could be pregnant, most women do not feel any symptoms this early in pregnancy. If you are going to continue to be s_xually active, please buy/get/use condoms. There is nothing to be embarra__sed about when trying to prevent yourself from contracting a disease or becoming pregnancy. If the thought of buying/getting/using condoms or a pregnancy test embarra__ses you, perhaps you should reconsider having s_x.


SaRaH - August 4

Was the your first time having s_x? I think that you are unable to have symptoms this early. If it had only been 4 days you are just stressing your self out.


Angel - August 5

im 15 and ill be 16 in January july 12 i got my period and AS SOON as i got off my period me and my Boyfriend had s_x ...im gettin symptoms people say im gettin big..i dont know what to do (Some people say that u get symptoms but its really in your mind) but i want sumbody to E-Mail me or Instant Message so we can talk i really need a female to talk to because all i have is my boyfriend.....thankz [email protected] a.s.a.p somebody tell me something!!!


Dawn - August 5

u know hun, ur stomach might be hurting and u might be getting sic cuz ur worried. U might be worrying urself that ur pregnant, so maybe tell an older friend or cuzin or older sibling to go with u and get a pregnancy test. good luck


Shorty - August 8

Um... there is no way you would be craving food and chucking up your guts four days after you had s_x.... the thing is it may take up to seven days for the sperm and the egg to meet, depending on what time of your cycle you have s_x. You should never feel embara__sed in buying a hpt, getting a perscription for the pill, or buying condoms, and if embarrasment is all that is stopping you, you obviously are not ready to take on the responsibility of having s_x.



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