I M Pregnant

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Beautiful - October 17

I don't know what to do, I'm only 13 years old and I'm pregnant. It's to late to have an orbortion and my baby's dady keep dening it. My mother kicked me out and now I'm living with my grand mother. What should I do. My life is ruin.


Jade - October 17

How far along are you sweetie? And how old is your baby's daddy? Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean your life is ruined. Don't ever think that! Since you say it's too late to get an abortion, you have 2 other choices. You can either keep the baby or give it up for adoption. I know that both choices would be hard, but think about what's best for you and your baby. Depending on how old your grandmother is depends on if she'd be able to help you or not. It's my honest opinion that you should, considering you are only 13, give the baby up for adoption. I know that would be very hard, and the choice is ultimately up to you... but think about what's best for you and your baby and then make a decision. Good luck!


Daile - October 18

Your baby's daddy can deny he's the father all he wants. Once the baby is born, all you have to do is request a paternity test. If he refuses, you can get a court order to force him to. Then he won't be able to deny it anymore. And sweety, your life isn't ruined. It may be harder, but it's not ruined. I agree with Jade. It sounds as if you will have a lot of problems taking care of this baby. Maybe you should consider adoption. You can do an open adoption, where you'll still be able to see your baby while it's growing up.


To Beautiful - January 28

I agree with both Jade and Daile....your life is not ruined. I can only imagine what you are going thru. I really hate to hear that you are having such a hard time. Thank God that your Grandmother took you in and God bless you for not having an abortion. That is a big step in taking responsability. IAgain I agree with the ladies here, I would consider adoption if you are not ready or able to raise this child. There are ways to make it possible for you to keep in contact with the baby. I wish you the best....keep us posted.


jillian - January 28

gurl you got to keep your head up and make the best out of it. gurl im pregnant and im 14 goin on 15 and imma tell you what my friends tell me you have to live to your fullest abilities to support your baby and pray to god that he helps you through this


Mimi - January 28

I wish u were living in the same city as me beautiful,i would take care of u if ur mom refuses. follow ur heart and weight the pros and cons of both keeping it or giving i up for adoption. But plz, don't throw urself down the stairs ( or anything like that )to artificially abort it, ok.Talk to ur gran, she seems to care for u . Meanwhile big hugs to u.


Priscilla - January 28

I had my 1st baby when I was 13 and now I am 29 years old. I stayed in school. I graduated and then went straight to work. It is hard but I made sure I took her father to court and got my babys well deserved child support from him. It helped very much. My baby is now a sophmore in high school and is planning for college I am very glad I kept her. But it really is a personal choice. If you feel you have some kind of support from a family member to help with babysitting sometimes and if you are ready to do all you can do for your baby then I think you should consider keeping it. But it will definitely be a rough road.


cheryl - February 9

I am here for young people who need someone to talk to. I am an adoptive mom of a 4 year old and have been a foster parent for many yeras. [email protected]


Mariah Carey - May 15

well i think you should give the baby to a family member that you can trust..if no one wants it then just do what you can do to take care of it!


Tracy Chapman - May 15

I think you should consider giving the baby up. It will be hard but think of your child's future. You could maybe still keep in touch with him or her.



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