I M Pregnant

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LALA - November 29

I'm still shaking. I just took a pregnancy test about half hour ago and it is positive. I was on the pill. This was my first month on the pill. The symptoms I had almost immediately 2-3 days after s_x: -Instant nausea. (I didn't even think of it as pregnancy symptom, so I know I wasn't making it up when it happened at first) I was sick in bed. I still get nauseous almost every day. This could possibly be the bc. -Eating. Although I normally eat a lot, so this might just be a normal thing. But recenly Ive wanted everything sweet under the sun. Anything to do with caramel. Ive eaten two bags a day (yes I know Im a pig!) of caramel. Been so desperate as to get up and go walk to the store for caramel. -Terrible breakout in acne. Again could be bc. This could also be the caramel.. -Lower back pain. Im not sure if this is a symptom or not, if Im wrong please inform me. -Tiredness. Slept all day yesterday and still tired. Recently been very tired. Like a fog of haze. Not much energy to do anything. - Cramps. Mild cramps. :


LALA - November 29

I'm so scared because this was my first time even with a boy and we've only been going out for a month.


k - November 29

it the pregnancy test came out posative then ur pregnant becoz if u wasnt pregnant it wouldnt say posative and they r sum simptoms of bein pregnant yer.


T - November 29

Lala -Sweetheart a pregnancy test will only go positive, even faintly positive, if it detects HCG in your urine. If it detects HCG (goes positive) then that is a ver strong indication you are pregnant. I know how you must be feeling. You can become pregnant that first time and while on the pill. I may be pregnant myself and was on the pill. But I have a godo idea I may of had a miscarriage but I'm not completely sure. I'll find out on thrursday when I see my doctor. Anyway I would try and remain calm and dont worry. I know its VERY hard not to worry and stress over everything and worry what people will think and say etc. But put this aside. Just think about yourself and the baby first of all. I would definitely see your doctor to have the pregnancy confirmed. The doctor can do this by taking a blood sample from you which will tell them in 24hours whether you are pregnant or not. You can get false positives but they are very rare. So there is a good chance you are indeed, pregnant. You must see your doctor this week withough fail. Dont worry about anyone finding out. Noone can find out unless you tell them yourself. The doctor takes an oath to keep confidentiality. So dont worry about that. Just go to the doctor for a blood test and tell him or her about your symptoms and the positive test. I would also let your boyfriend know that you had a positive result and find out what he intends to do. Remember to never be railroaded into a decision. If you want an abortion thats fine. If you want to keep, thats fine too. Only ever do what YOU want. Not what anyone else says or believes is best for you. At the end of the day you are the one who will have to live with the decision for the rest of your life. Not them. I would also tell your parents once the pregnancy has been confirmed. Good luck.


Elee - November 29

dont be scared.. i have to deal with people talkin about me in school.. because ive only been with my boyfriend for 2 months, and im pregnant.. im 14... and 3 weeks.. i also havent told my dad and im scared... my mom knoes but she wont do anything about it.. and if my dad kicks me out i have no place to go. i would say your pregnant tho.. you have some of the symptons and a positive test, as proof.. good luck if u need to talk you can email me at [email protected]


E - November 29

Please stop using the pill today if you got a positive. You may be in denial and still want to take it just in case but it is not a good idea. Best wishes:)



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