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keke1234u - June 20

Hey everyone Latrise again, I found out that I wasn't going crazy I am pregnant I took a test yestrday it was Postive yay!!! I'm going to have baby la la la I think I'm about 9 weeks along ...I haven't had prenatal care yet but I do take flinstone vitaman lol I know I'm alittle to old , I have to figure out a way too tell my mother because you see she's very strict not so strict tho she won't like tell to abort but she'll be disappoint for a while but I know she'll want me too be responsible and tske care of mines and I plan to do so!!! how did any of you tell your parents?


adensmama - June 20

thats funny...i didnt even know/think i was it was my mom that got the idea and told me to take a test!..Mothers instinct i guess!


Jamie-Lee - June 20

I was at my Grandparent's house (4 houses down the road from Mom).I called Mom and I was crying and told her not to be angry at me.She guessed it.She was upset and crying so I handed the phone to Nan and the next thing I know mom was at my Grandparent's.I figured I was in for it but instead she gave me a big hug and said that it could be worse.She's really excited now.I'll be 22 weeks as of this Wednesday.I live at my Grandparent's and have for a few years now (well I moved out January to my own appartment and moved back here in April).Pretty much evertime Mom sees me she talks to my belly.Dad was upset at first.Mom told him for me.Now he's excited and wears his "Grampa's the name,spoiling's the game" t-shirt a lot.I thought Mom would disown me but she didn't.


lilmomma88 - June 20

i agree with adensmama..its gotta be a mothers instinct..my mom told me she had a dream i was pregnant and she could just feel it that i was..so i admitted my period was late and she bought me a test and it was positive! im 40 weeks 1 day..and cant wait no more!


kenodra - June 21

hey yeha.. well im 17 and ive thought i was pregnant before but this time i didnt think i was. i mean i thought about it asked my friends but i didnt worry to much, it was feb 1, 2006 when i found out. well actually jan 26, i took a pregnancy test with my boyfriend... he was the one thinking hes like your eating more your b___bs are bigger and you sleep 24-7 you need to take a test, he didnt know what the lines ment. haha :) we were at one of his best friends house. his girlfriend gave me the test, we went to the bathroom did the test it had 2 lines i knew what that ment. and i go hunny that means we are having a baby. and he goes no theres 2 line that means negitive. i go watch and i walked out to JESSICA and i go jessica what does 1 line mean? shes like negitive. so i knew but then my mom was like 1200 miles away visiting her mom and i told her when she got home we had to go to the doctor and take one and shes like i knew it, she goes sweetie it will be okay. she took it easy and relaxed. it was great, congrats on ur baby :) and i know its hard to tell your parents some hat eyou for life some hate you for a while and some dont hate at all. jsut depends. good luck


adensmama - June 22

I was the same way every month before it seems like i was scared i was pregnant then this last time it didnt really even cross my mind and it happened...one instinct i had from the start tho was i was having a boy..and i am!!



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