I M Pregnant And Can T Be With My Baby S Daddy

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Jassy_V - March 14

i'm 3 months away from turning 17, i'm 10 weeks pregnant and my parents don't want him to be responsible. My boyfriend is 19, he was living with me in my parents house for 4 months due to some problems he had at home, we had s_x in my home and i got pregnant here at home. When my boyfriend was living with us my mom suspected that i was pregnant because i hadn't gotten my period, i didn't know if i was pregnant or not. My boyfriend moved back home after he fixed the problems but i was not sure if i was pregnant or not so i thought it would be fine and we could see each other every weekend like we used to before he moved in. 2 Weeks later i found out i was pregnant and took the decision to run away from home and i did i went to my boyfriends mom and she opened the door for me. Later my parents figured that i had gone to his place, so they called and they started threatening me and i came back home, they acted like nothing happened but prohibited me to see him because he had got me pregnant and because i ran away. Me and my parents always argue about the baby. my mom does not want the baby to have my boyfriends last name or to have anything to do with him. can the baby have his last name without my parents concent and can he be with me during labor? my mom and i argue everyday and its very stressful, this morning she slapped me in 2 occassions, due to the arguement we had and on the way to school. Is there anyway that i could be with him besides waiting to turn 18? thanks please help me with this!!


moescrilla - March 14

ooh girl, you got some drama goin on! Well, first, were do you live??? You need to find out what age is considered a legal adult (In Texas, its 17. You can move out, but your parents cant kick you out until 18. Its a weird law, but you are tech. a legal adult at 17.) educate yourself on the laws. Then, if 17 is the case, then your parents have no say in what your babys last name could be. (Although they probably dont have say regardless, but I'm not too sure.) They definately cant tell you the dad has no rights to the baby --- thats his child and if he claims it, then he has just as much right to that child as you do. Your parents are just looking after you and trying to scare you into doing what they want you to do. If you can, talk to a law official about the laws (you can always call the sherriffs office and say you have some questions regarding laws, they'll answer you. You dont have to tell them who you are)


Ja__sy_V - March 14

well i live in California


tennesseewlkr07 - March 14

you can have who ever you want in the delievery room, if you dont want your mom in there all you have to do is tell someone and they will have her removed from the room. if you just want you boyfriend in there then you tell your doctor that. when you are in the hospital and when it comes to decisions about your child you are the boss, you name your baby you decided who gets to visit its all up to you your parents have no guardianship over this child just you! and they cant keep your boyfriend from the baby he has just as much rights seeing the baby. he is the father and there is nothing that your parents can do about that. you could always empancipate your self from your parents as long as you can support yourself and your child


ChattyKathy - March 14

Your parents are not in charge of your baby. You can make whatever decisions regarding your child and your delivery without their consent. I do want to encourage you to have strength in this matter. A friend of mine was denied the right to see his child because of her parents. They drifted apart. Lots of hurt feelings even after all these years. Its not fair to you or to him. Go to a planned parenthood or try to find some way to get in contact with a social worker so you can discuss your options.


babyonboard16 - March 15

They can try and get him out of the room while youre in labor but I doubt it'll work in his favor honestly. You can give the baby whatever last name you please, it is not their decision even though you are a minor. They cannot have the rights of the father taken away like they think, let them know they're not in charge of this one.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 15

Yeah, its your choice, where i live the people who are going to be in the room have to go through you and then sign a paper that you will sign saying its ok for them to be in there with you, if they aren't then they can't go in and if they are then your mother has absolutely NO say in it AT ALL. And you are the mother of your child and you can give your baby whatever name you like, your Mom can only complain about it. Sometimes nurses or doctors may tell parents to leave if they are an interuption to you and your baby or the delivery. And if you say you don't want your mom in there later cause she is just fighting with him, the doctors and nurses will tell her to leave. Its all up to you, as far as staying with them until you are 17, I left my parents house almost 3 months before I turned 18, they can say you are a runaway but truthfully there isn't much they can do. But the moment you are 18 you are free and can do whatever you wanna do.


rl- - March 15

you could also contact the courts and find out how to become amancipated which means they would rule you as an adult but the only problem is you have to prove you can support yourself if you can do that then your parents would have no say in what you do. Another thought is you and your boyfriend could go to a state that will let you get married under age but I think it would be best if you went thru the courts...good luck!!



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