I M Pregnant And Need Help

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Katie - July 24

I'm 15 years old and I just found out I'm pregnant and I don't know how to tell my parents. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!


Jaja - July 24

If u r postively sure u want to keep the baby or give it up for adoption, tell ur parents how strongly u feel about it. Remember, even though we make mistakes our parents will always forgive us, because they love us. They might be upset for a while over it, but eventually they'll get over it and possibly see you as a more responsible person. However, don't get an abortion, because it's cruel. Got has blessed u wit a gift so cherish it. Plus, if u do you'll regret it for the rest of ur life. Trust me I've talked to others and everyone says the same thing. Good luck.


To Katie - July 24

Hello Katie, I was once in your shoes too. Except, I was 14 years old, & he was 18. I kinda consented to it but kind of not.He was a friend of the family & so of course you can imagine that a couple of months later when I realized I was prego I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to tell my parents! I wanted to, but I was scared, confused, & stupid.(By the way...my dad is a preacher man). So ya see, yes we do ALL make mistakes . Even the good little girls that were raised in Christian homes, like me. Anyways....to make a long story short.Around 3 months ( in other words-12 weeks)of the pregnancy, I started miscarrying the baby, of course that is when EVERYONE & I mean everyone I knew & found out about it. My parents were totally supportive to me & told me they loved me & wished that I would have told them before.They loved me & would have been there for me all the way. Please consider telling them, soon. Before it's to late or a tragity strikes which could be a danger to you , let alone the life of the baby. I myself am Pro-Life. because I was raised in a christian home & personaly, I just could not get an abortion, ever! However, thats my opinion & I can't make other peoples choices or decisions for them. I wish you luck in whatever you do & I hope & pray that you will please talk to your parents , or someone. Good Luck & God bless.



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