I M Pregnant At 16

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Sarah - January 5

I'm 16 years old and I am 14 weeks pregnant. I was about 5 weeks when i found out i was pregnant. At first my boyfriend was thrilled about having a baby. But he moved without telling me anything and i haven't heard from him since christmas. I don't know what to do now because i was relying on his help and i also don't know how to tell my parents that I'm pregnant. Can my parents make me have an abortion, even if i don't want to?


imallalone07 - January 5

I dont think that your parents can MAKE you have an abortion because you are the BIOLOGICAL mother not them! I am in the same situation about how to tell my mom! Hope i helped a little


Vanessa - January 6

I'm also 16 and pregnant. I'm gonna keep my baby. I'm gonna be a mommy in 10 weeks. I don't listen to other people - I listen to my heart! Do the same!!! Hope you get through this just as good as i did. Lovies Vanessa


Kimberly - January 6

First of all, if you don't tell your parents they will find out when you start showing so I suggest telling them asap and don't do it the way I did (lol). I'm sure they will accept it considering you are there daughter and all but if they don't they cant' make you have an abortion, if they try then go to a Dr. asap and tell him. As for your boyfriend, if he is going to ditch you then it's his problem, not yours.


Erika - January 6

Hell naw. But you can do better and get more help from the state without the fater around anyway.Tell your parents. I was scared to but my momma became my best friend when I was pregnant. Actually were closer now then ever. She helps keep my son . Remember a baby is a blessing. My baby means everthing to me. It's not always easy but it's worth it. I was 16 and pregnant too. If you wanna talk email me [email protected]


redsnow - January 8

Why are all of you having s_x at these ages, 15, 16... We are not dogs, we are people, humans. You can get an education for yourself. And if you want to have "fun", why don't put your engery into something worth while. Pick up a book and read. Be more active in school. what the heck makes you think that you can just have s_x s_x s_x , pop out kids and think that your high and mature to handle it? Having s_x when you have better things to worrry about, like your future, is VASTLY IMATURE. so what happens after the child comes? You're going to collect money from the states? And where do they get the money? From hardworking people. So, why does everyone (people who some how make ends meet to provide for their families) why do THEY need to pay for your mistakes? I don't know you, and I don't want to pay for you and your kid. Is that not logical? -----Please tell all your friends, just because like minds think the same, please tell them to keep their legs closed and their minds open!


alex - January 9

hi iam in the same stution as u ur parents cant make u have an abortion it is ur choice ur will be fine without ur b.f trust that u will be a gud mum as long as u love it and can provide 4 it u will be great gud luck


Sarah - January 12

Saz, no one can make you do anything to your body that you do not approve of. It is YOUR decision. Make sure whatever decision you make, you do it for you, or you will regret it. Please do not rely on your boyfriend as any sort of provider or responsible adult... hes just a kid, you both are. What you need to do now is sit down and tell your folks the situation, yes they are going to be shocked and dissapointed, but they will get over it, and if they don't its not your problem. This is not about them, or you, its about the baby.Being a mum at any age, is tough, but you need to responsibly deal with this situation, as any choice you make, does have consequences that last a lifetime.


Jenna - January 12

well said redsnow! But i also must say, that I was on state a__sistance at one time, and i lived off of 360 dollars a month and THATS IT. In that time I went to school, was immediately off a__sistance and to this day support myself. So girls if youre gonna be on a__sistance, be on it while youre bettering yourself if you have to, but dont RELY on it. cause redsnow even though i was on it for a few months i dont wanna be supporting there a__ses now either lol


amber - January 20

im in the same situation as you.. im 17 an just found out im 6 weeks pregnant.my boyfriend was very happy an scared at the same time but he said we'd make it through it.i then told his parents, they were very suportive an said they'd help.telling my dad was my fear! so i thought it over and i put all my feelings down on paper, i then wrote him a letter telling him everything.he was mad but didnt yell at me or anything but he keeps telling me to keep my mouth shut about it and get rid of it before it becomes a baby. im very confused i dont want to give my baby up but im afraid my dad will hate me if i dont... so write your parents a letter if your scared..an no matter what they say its your choice! you'll find a better man someday dont worry.


pookie - January 21

your parents can't force you to have an abortion.


ashley - January 21

hey vanessa im 15 and about to have my baby in 8 days. so can you e-mail me so we can talk [email protected] or [email protected] or anyone who want to talk


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

I don't believe they can MAKE you have an abortion, I think thats a form of abuse. But you're going to need to tell them, and soon because you're already 14 weeks and you're going to start showing. You also need to be going to prenatel appointments to get your Prenatel Vitamins and get information and make sure everything is okay. You have to go once a month and its really important that you go. Do you wanna keep this child? If you do, then you need to start figuring out how you're going to raise it, you can't rely on your Mom and Dad to take care of YOUR baby. But you should definitley tell them soon to get it out in the open.


holly - January 24

Relying on parents,friends,boyfriends is not the answer. Having a baby is wonderful but not at 16. Who ever says that is a liar. Keeping the baby will make you miss out on things, things that make you the person who you are when you are older. Im 22 & i know that i will miss out on things & ive had 6 more years of living my life. Life isnt always how we think it will be. Never forget your dreams that you had before you became pregnant in years to come they wont be dreams be regrets. I have a mortgage & a fiance who i have been with for 5 years & i know that im still not old enough ort wise enough. Parents may do your head & go over the top but they really do only want whats best for you, in the long run you may not think that at the time. Time is not on your side & its the hardest, toughest thing you have to decide i know that from exp. Sometimes you have to do the right thing rather than what you want to do! Getting money from the goverment is not what being a mum is all about, do you really want to raise a child like this, show an example to you future kids that this is not what life is all about. Take courage & truth from your head not your heart. Its not easy but the right answer is staring at you. To all you young mums you really all need to grow up & look at the bigger picture. Theres more to life & you.


marie - January 25

hi sarah im 16 aswell i no its scary coz i think i am aswell im to scared to find out. my dad will hit the roof my boyfriend said he will stick by me but his tryin to avoid the subject at the moment i think you should tell an older friend or family member thats what ive done and trust me it feels so much better to know your not alone for the guy well what can i say sorry but what a wimp u sound like a strong person so keep it up babes marie 16 England x


sonja - January 30

hey, i m in the same situation. I don't want to tell my parents cause they will flip but yet I am really scared!!! My dad is going to kill me because I am white and my baby's dad is black. We have been friends since 7th grade and I am now a junior in high school so he has known him for a while but yet he is gonna flip. My plan is to finish this school year out then move out with my friend cause I don't want to tell my dad. I think my mom will be understanding and all but maybe not if dad flips out. So i am stuck and confused. If u want to talk then u can e-mail me at [email protected] I think evrything will be okay just have faith and the abortion clinic won't do an abortion if u don't consent to it. Good Luck e-mail me if u can!!


Amber - January 31

No your parents cannot make you have an abortion that is up to you. But i think you will be a great mother i mean comon what is the worst they can do they will be happy once thier grandbaby is in the world...



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