I M Pregnant But I Dont Know Who S Last Name I Should Give My Baby

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babygirl86 - August 27

i'm a couple weeks pregnant. my parents dont know about it yet. i love my boyfriend and i really want to get married to him. im 18 and he is 16. his parents really like me and they said that they would not have a problem with him marrying me... actually they would be very happy about it. only thing is that he wanted to wait to get married untill he turned 17 or 18. i decided that im going to keep the baby. can i still give the baby my boyfriend's last name? i mean.. we are going to get married anyways...


judge moody - August 12

Give it your last name until you are sure he is going to be a part of your and the baby's lives.


brucen - August 12

It's your choice, but if for any reason he decides not to marry you and you have to seek child support. The baby having his last time may make it easier to obtain.


Shorty - August 12

A is right... unless you wanna get preg to get married... then thats just wrong!! and you can't know that you are two weeks pregnant!!!


Shorty - August 12

And if you are only worried about what last name to give your baby, then where are you at?


Jeez! - August 12

LMFAO!!!!! Even *IF* you were 2 weeks pregnant, there are still 10 WHOLE WEEKS where things could go disastrously wrong. Remember that 1 in 3 pregnancies end in miscarrage. I wouldn't even think about names until you have pa__sed the 3 month stage. And I do hope you are not parading this publicly - keep it hush hush unless you know 100%! S_x doesn't automaticaly mean BAM baby, you know. Some couples who are perfectly fertile can spend up to a year to concieve.


me - August 12

it sounds like you have had s_x and now you think you must be pregnant just because you had s_x. i hope your period comes as it will be funny to see the look on your face when your not pregnant. educate yourself on s_x and pregnancy please.


Diamond H - August 12

Girl i understand u when i was pregnate i was trying to decide the same thing i eneded up giving the baby her daddys last name because my sister told me if for any reason we split an he goes on child support we gotta give the baby DNA test and if anything goes wrong between us involving the courts ... so do as u feel good luck deciding but dont stress ur self out u got like 38 weeks to go


Dawn - August 12

I think thats great that u love ur boyfriend and want to marry him. I think u should definently give ur baby ur b/f's last name


rain - August 12

please find out if you are pregnant first before worrying about names!


Dionne B - August 26

Have an abortion you doofus!! You and your boyfriend are only kids I cant believe your even considering keeping this baby. Who will support you? How does he feel about working full time for the next 20 years? Didn't think too hard about any of this? Get to the clinic and get on the pill!!!


!!!! - August 27

I think she must mean she hasonly actually been pregnant for 2 weeks(last period 4 weeks ago)-even tho that wud make her 4 weeks-hmmm..when was ur last period babygirl86. And about the names thing-if you know the babys dad is defo going to stick around and you want the baby to have his name then give the babys his last name..i live in the UK so if ur in the US or somewhere im not sure how the naming system works but i know that here for e.g if a woman had a baby and gave the baby her second name and then she got married to the babys dad-in some cases the father of the baby would have to legally adopt the baby so the baby can be in his name-thats why alot of people i think put their babys name in the fathers last name.


13_Rokky_Road - August 27

som r right, and it can go rong but NO1 needs to here ths while being pregant. and ur bf should wait till he is 17-18 if it would make it easier on him! @least u no that som1 will be alright wit this *IF* u have told them that u r pregnant. let him finish skool and THEN get married so he can be wit ur baby if he cares about him/her. i would give ur baby both the last names or make yours in his/her name i.e. ur name is reed so just call the baby .......reed bailey or something so what way it goes ur baby will still get both names! but that just my opinion


Sabrina - August 27

my baby is having my last name


crystal - October 10

who are u to tell her to have an abortion?? So what she's young!! Big deal she can make it you shouldn't judge her! That's not your place or anyone's for that matter! Babygirl86 I'm pregnant also I'm 19 and my b/f is 22 I'm having the same problem with the last name thing just don't go by what anyone tells you let your heart tell!


Ellie - October 11

Why can't people just answer questions posted here straight? Everyone's always got to question the situation and find fault and make a big deal about it. For gods sake just answer the question and move on. Your opinions were not asked, she was asking a simple question that required a simple answer, not blathering an about how does she know shes pregnant, telling her she can't know if shes pregnant, telling her she may miscarry, telling her to have an abortion... SHE JUST ASKED WHAT NAME SHE SHOULD GIVE HER CHILD!!! What is the obsession with interfering and offending people on here? Original poster if you are still around, its up to you but I'd say the dads surname.


ESHA - October 27




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