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Kairi_x - November 8

Hi all, I'm Kairi and I'm 17 years old, engaged and we live in our own house and he has a very well paid job. I'm currently at college and I'm hoping to go to university in 2 years. Except, I have a huge problem. For some reason, for the last year, I have wanted a baby sooo soooo much. My fiance wants one too but I know that I should really do college first. But it's taking over me, it's all I think about and it makes me cry a lot because I want a baby that badly. It's all I want in life, to be a mummy. I crave a baby so badly and I don't know what to do anymore, I need some help because I just can't get the thought of wanting one out of my head. If i see a pregnant woman or a new born baby, I get really jealous and I know that's not right but I can't help it. I wish I had that. Has anyone got any advice? Thank you so much and I'm sorry for rambling on lol. xxx


kendra.marie - November 8

wow i know alot of woman get like this after they have a loss but i never thought before you were ever pregnant i mean i dont know what to say to you. trying for a baby gets hard; i would let it happen when its happens. ever think god might not think your ready for a child yet or he wants you to have a great degree before conceiving things happen for a reason keep your head up. your time will come.


GimmeaBub - November 8

Hey Kairi ook there is something i have always told myself and i find to be very true, if you have to question it then for now it's not a good idea. If you really, deep down want a baby so bad your willing to let your degree wait for a while, go ahead, nothing anybody can say can stop you. Just try and stick it out though hun it's really hard to keep a good dream and turn it into reality, if getting your degree will put you in the best situation i would definatly go for it. Having a Baby and being pregnant is good and all, but remember with a baby comes everything else, studying again may be a little harder when you got a little one crying in the other room, tuition fees and everything else may put a bitof strain on you too when baby needs medicene or new bottles, clothes , toys. Please remember too, youstill got your prom, clubs, bars everything else that comes with being so younge and free, a baby makes it a little bit more complicated. But However if your mind is 100% completely and totally set on having a baby, then nothing will stop you. If you wanna get some experience up your sleeve, see if you can volunteer at a day care centre or do some baby sitting. Work out a budget for you and your fiance see if you can survive on any income you may be earning now then plus more with a baby. The best thing i would advice you can do, Buy a puppy, they teach you responsability and you can give them and teach them as much love as you want. Best wishes in whatever you choose, and Goodluck!


Kairi_x - November 8

Thank you sooo much :D the advice has really helped me. :) means a lot. is it normal to be this desperate for a baby? it's kind of annoying sometimes because I get myself so wound up about it that my body sometimes 'fakes' pregnancy signs and it gets my hopes up and comes crashing down again :( i really dont want this to happen anymore because its happened about 5 or 6 times and i should be used to it by now like 'oh its just my body playing me around' but funnily enough, im not used to it and my hopes still get high. arghh its so annoying lol. i just wish my head was clear of it so i could enjoy things a bit more.


Krissy25 - November 8

It didn't take long after i met my dh almost 6 years ago that i started to want to have a baby. And really we could have had one at any time but more than just wanting a baby i wanted my life to be a certain way first. I wanted to be able to stay at home. I wanted to be living in a house of our own in a nice neighborhood so we could take walks everyday. And i wanted to be fincanially secure enough to do all this and not have to worry about every dime we spend. We couldn't do that until about a year and a half ago and thats when we started trying and now i have my daughter and i'm living that life i wanted. Take that strong desire you have to have a baby and put towards creating the life you want for your family. And every time you see a pregnant woman or a mom with a baby you can think to yourself just how hard you are working to to have that.


AddysMummy - November 8

It is natural to go through those maternal instincts. But you have to do what is best for your life. You said just then you want to go to uni. Well just wait, it is hard but you will have a baby when it is your time. You just need to relax and think about what you want to do in life. If you want to wait to go to school then by all means, wait, have a baby, if you CAN, but you need to sort out the pros and the cons not just from what you want but how will it effect your life. Taking care of a baby is hard work, waking up in the middle of the night, crying, it's EXPENSIVE as well! So you need to just weigh things out. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DECISION! (Don't forget to factor in daycare, diapers, whipes, doctors appts, shots,[my health insurance only covers part of my daughters shots], food, clothing... SO MUCH!)


Kairi_x - November 9

Thank you so much for the help :D im really trying not to focus on it as much now. When it's meant to be, it will be :) thanks girls xx



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