I M Sooo Confused

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JesseLurie - March 4

I'm sixteen years old, and I have had unprotected s_x a few times..The first time was on February 15th, and the second time that I remember was on February 23rd. My last period began on February 9th and ended up February 14th on Valentines Day. I am not familiar with how long my menstrual cycle is or whatnot, like if it's 28 days or 29 or 30 or i don't know. I think my period is sort of irregular, I have never known when I'm going to get my period or marked the days on the calendar like all my other friends do. But anyways, On February 26th or 27th I took a pregnancy test and It said I wasn't pregnant. Two days later, I took another one in the morning and it said I was. Two hours later I took another one [I am soooo paranoid] and it said I wasn't. I have taken many tests and only one said I was pregnant. That was the only one I took in the morning but it was a digital one so could that have made a difference? I am not familiar at all with how this thing works, like ugh im soo confused. Oh, another thing, he never came inside me but I know there was pre-c_m...My period i guess is expected somewhere around March 11th I guess?? What should i do? Take another test or jsut wait? I hate waiting..


krista-lee - March 4

pregnancy tests say that you can old test AFTER your first missed period, so that could be why your getting a few messed up answers. the digital ones are more sensitive, so its possible you could be. WAit till March 11th, and take another test, then you'll know for sure.


krista-lee - March 4

you can only test**, sorry abot that.


Grandpa Viv - March 4

Feb 23 was close to ovulation and high risk. Right there you have a 30% chance of pregnancy from a full shot of s____n. The earliest you could expect a positive test from that would be next Tuesday, so I guess your previous positive is unreliable, even though they say there is no such thing as a false positive. Buy some cheap Dollare Store tests and use them at weekly intervals starting next Saturday first morning pee. Since you used pull-out, the chance of pregnancy is much lower than 30%, but still a slight possibility. Learn about your fertile window and avoid s_x altogether on those days. The rest of the time, never let a p___s near your v____a unless it is properly dressed. Good luck!



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