I M Trying To Have A Baby

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Tammie - October 13

My girlfriend and i have been together for three years (she's 17, I'm 16). We are in love with each other and have decided to take our relationship to the next level by having a baby. We came to a mutual agreement that I would be the one to become pregnant. Her cousin has agreed to impregnate me so the baby could have some of her genes. Despite my relationship with his cousin, we actually have s_x together becuase it is easier and free. Anyway, we have been trying for a month now and I am beginning to hate having s_x with him. I feel as though he is using me and doing something wrong intentionally so that we can keep having s_x. So my question is are there any ways that I could get pregnant on my own without including lots of money, doctors, or legal doc_ments.


Critter - October 13

Maybe you could have him jerk off and c_m on your opening without actually having penetration. I really don't know. The reason for s_x is to concieve babies so if you don't want to have s_x then maybe that is your subconscious telling you that you're not ready to have a baby.


.... - October 13

I know you are in love....but you are still young and chances are that you won't be with this person later on in life. You change...people grow apart..thats just life. Wait awhile,,,,,,


Bonnie - October 13

I agree with "...", wait. The post above me is not even wirth responding too.


Bonnie - October 13



aeiouy - October 13

you really should wait to have a baby. if you two love each other so much and want to be together FOREVER then what would waiting like five or more years to have a baby mean compared to a lifetime together. to answer your question, you come have the guy c_m in a condom then when he takes it off, pour the sperm inside of you.


My answer - October 14

Aren't there better ways of "taking your relationship to the next level"?! Try: getting a puppy together, buying a house together, getting married (there's got to be some states that still do it)... I know!! How 'bout finishing your education?! You both aren't through college yet are you? I'm pretty sure your partner's cousin is going to be seriously p__sed when he gets hit up for child support some day. And talk about using someone!... you feel that he's using you?! You're using him for a SPERM DONOR!!


Oprah - October 15

I think its beautiful when two people in love want to have a baby. But make sure you have the babies best interests in mind and not your own. I don't really have an answer, but good luck.


to tammie - October 15

Wait until you finish school and get a job.


Isha - October 20

Hey. Im 17 and my boyfriend of 2 years and I wanted to get pregnant and we succeeded. Well I am now 1 1/2 months and it is so much more stressful than we thought, My advice is you may think you are ready, but wait a little longer before it is to late to go back. I love being pregnant and we are going to love our baby unconditionaly, but enoy being young ok? Just wait a little longer.



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