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no name 21 - October 10

I thought I was pregnant last month. I was having signs and symptoms like when I was pregnant before... And I had a "period" for 2 days, and it was early. I took a test after it was light and kept stopping and starting again for 2 days... The home test came out negative. I have had a period since then, but it's really weird. It comes early and will randomly stop for a day, a whole day. I am still feeling sick, tired, can smell a lot of stuff... But br___ts are hurting though like they did last month. I have been puking for what seems no reason at all and feeling dizzy. Also, I am getting the worst headaches. Usually I feel the sickest and have the worst headaches at night time. I don't know what to do. If I am pregnant, I'd be about 2 1/2 months, maybe 3. The doctor was concerned about why I feel so tired and all... She took my blood, but didn't tell me why except that she was curious as to why I am so tired. Do you think that she will test it to see if I am possibly pregnant? See, my mom was in the room, and she didn't ask me anything about my periods and all... But I have lost 2 pounds, but have gained 5 in the past couple months. I feel like eating, but things just don't sound good... Once and a while something will sound great, and I will eat lots of it though. Is it possible that I could be pregnant?? I mean, the test came out negative. And I probably wouldn't be getting my periods... And I am not having all of the symptoms. But, I don't know what is wrong with me. Do you think that I am possibly like this because of how I feel after having lost a baby in December? Do you think that my mind is just playing tricks on me? Because I have put it off as that for the past two months, and now I am getting sorta worried. Especially considering that they gave me an x-ray last month to see if I had pneumonia or something... Which I didn't, but I had a low grade temperature, tired, and my chest was hurting... Like, my heart hurts sometimes when I breathe. But it's not too serious. It's like.. heartburn or something. I just don't eat alot of spicy foods and stuff when it's bugging me... I don't know. I guess I just need opinions. I am 16 years old, and I feel lost sometimes when it comes to these things.


ChattyKathy - October 10

Its been almost a year since your loss, so you wouldn't be feeling the effects of it anymore. Take another test. If it comes out negative, it sounds like you could have some sort of bug or something.


no name 21 - October 11

Mental effects is more of what i was trying to suggest... like, i feel bad like i've lost and baby, and partly want one type of thing... but ok, thank you =)


tish212 - October 11

its hard to say what could be going on... I don't wanna say yes that sounds like pregnancy and get ur hopes up if itsnot but those r all the same symptoms I had (i was only a month along though) I couldn't bare the sight or smell of my favorite foods...my bbs got really sore especially (caution tmi) my nipples when I got cold like stabbing pains...I was extra tired (due to being pregnant throwing my thyroid off) and sick nonstop everytime I ate. with the blood test though and u being tired ur dr might be checking ur tsh level ( the level of ur thyroid hormone) hypothyroisim can cause the sluggishness and many other health problems that ca seem like pregnancy if u r curious as to why ur dr took blood call the office and ask... (of course privately if u don't want ur mom to know yet) I hope that u get the answer ur looking for and I am sorry to hear about what happened to u in december... I am always here if u need someone to talk to :)


no name 21 - October 13

Thanks... But I guess they only looked at the white blood cell count in my blood... They didn't test it for everything. Sooo, it obviously didn't come up. Now, my lower stomach feelings bloated and ga__sy... I haven't ate any foods thought that'd make me feel ga__sy. It's not any time around my peroid.. So, I am really confused.


no name 21 - October 13

Btw, I am also cramping a little bit... But it feels different than the cramps I got from my period.. Like, it's really weird. I am not sure how to explain it. I am horrible with describing and words.


no name 21 - October 19

Eh, I was going to take another test... But I'm nervous and didn't do it right away when I decided to... So advice on how to make yourself just do it? Other than "just do it!"??



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