I May Be Pregnant Should I Get An Abortion If I Am

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Saliha Ljuljanovic - May 3

A week ago this boy, and I had s_x. He had a condom, but then took it off. I'm not sure if he c_mmed in me. I'm really scared to even take the test because if I am I know I can't have the baby because my mom just won't accept it. The only thing is that I don't want to have an abortion either. I'm 13 and my mom would surely abonden me. What can I do I want to have a baby, but I understand that I'm too young.


maya - May 3

nobody can tell u what to do. u have to think about the consquences. can u raise a child. can u live with aborting. or do u think u should have the baby and give it up for adoption?


manda - May 4

great advice maya,mine would be slightly different as far as the abortion-dont do it! you will regret it and you have even said you dont want one.you might be young but you will find a way of coping.good luck.


Jennifer - May 4

I am a mother and love my child unconditonally. Are you sure that your mother would abandon you? You are very young and you need to have an adult support you through this. If not your mom, do you have anyone? Find out if you are pregnant before you torture yourself with what to do about it. If you find out that you are tell an adult that you trust as soon as possible. I would never have an abortion but I am not 13 either. It is a choice that you shouldn't have to make alone.


Audrey - May 4

Saliha- In North America, parents legally have to shelter their children until they're 18. If they don't they can get into lots of trouble. But you need to talk to an adult that you trust and find out what all your options are. Do you have the money to support the child if you have it? Will you be able to finish school? Can you accept having an abortion or giving the child up for adoption? It's not an easy choice to make. Good luck!


? - May 4

have you cosidered adoption?


? - May 4

considered I mean. lol



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