I Messed Up Am I Pregnant

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Meagan18 - March 19

I have to explain it all so I can get an answer, so please bear with me. I'm 18 and believe in s_x only after your married, but I messed up. I got with an ex-boyfriend last thanksgiving and we "almost" had s_x. By that I mean I stopped before he actually went all the way in. Before this I usually had an irregular cylce (period only every couple months). Since I was with my ex, I have had a cylcle EVERY month,and they have been very weird (this months only lasted a day). I've had very weird stomach feelings and pains. I don't think I'm pregnant b/c I've had a period every month for the last 5 months (since with the ex). I still have that thought in the back of my mind though. I can't tell my guardians unless I there is a hint that it may be possible I'm pregnant. Please give me any advice you have. Thanks so much.


Meagan18 - March 19

Also, I used to never have headaches and now I have them ALL the time. Sometimes every day of the week. During my cycle this month it was mainly reddish brown and wasn't heavy like normal. I know I made a mistake in even inviting him over, but it's over now and I just need advice. Please post or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks.


Esmie - March 19

Your body's probably just going through some normal changes. Look, it's been five months. If you were pregnant, that'd be extremely obvious to you by now, and you wouldn't be having normal periods. "we "almost" had s_x. By that I mean I stopped before he actually went all the way in." Even if he didn't go all the way in, it was still s_x.


Grandpa Viv - March 19

Maybe you should just tell your guardians that you are fed up with irregular and unpredictable periods and want to see a doc for a check-up. The doc may prescribe birth control pills to regulate your period, will check for ovarian cysts which might cause your problems, and will confrim that you are not pregnant. Otherwise, spend $4 for a home urine pregnancy test from the Dollar Store.


Meagan18 - March 19

I agree with you Esmie. It was still s_x. It's actually only been 4 months. This happened at the end of November. 2 days before I seen him was the last day of my cycle for that month. I wouldn't be able to tell much physically because I'm not "physically fit" for lack of better terms. Thanks for the advice. Grandpa Viv - I wish I could tell my guardians, but I can't right now. There are a lot of problems going on between my guardians and I don't want to add on anything else until I'm sure. Things are kinda complicated right now and I haven't been able to go out to get the test. Thank you for your advice.


Corrine321 - March 19

Hey Meagan, well you know you could get pregnant if he just stuck it in.. it depends on if had pre c_m... but the only way you could really tell if you are pregnant is if you go and buy a pregnancy test!


shaylan.rae - March 19

honey, i didnt find out i was pregnant until i was almost 6 months along because i was still having my period, so dont count it out. im glad that you stopped it and that you are holding onto your morals like you are, but the time has come to get a test just to be sure. chances are, you arent pregnant, but because there is a small chance you are, and because you are having these changes, it would be good to go check it out. finding out late sucks, trust me.


BabyGurl - March 24

i dnt think you are pregnant but you could be 1 in a million. if it is bugging you after 5 months then you should jst get a test to put your mind at rest


amanduh - March 29

im 17 about to turn 18 in april. my boyfriend and i had unprotected s_x on march 17. i am also on birth controll but messed up not taking the pill the night we had unprotected s_x and the days following. that following monday i had a period but it only lasted for 4 days. not normal for me. its march 29 today and i have bad cramps like period cramps but it isnt supose to come for a couple more weeks. my b___sts are also heavy and swollen. i feel nauseous all the time and havnt been eating that much because i feel like throught up. im afraid to take a pregnancy test cause my boyfriend would flip out if i were pregnant. i plan on keeping the baby if i am though. if someone could help me it would mean alot to me. im really scared and have tobpdy to explain my feeling to...please help me


Meagan18 - March 29

amanduh - e-mail me anytime - [email protected]


kaytia - March 30

Amanduh, it could just be the lack of hormones your body got from you missing birth control pills they can make you sick too but for now try not to stress about it to much and all you can do is wait most the time your bc isn't that quick to stop working i took it for years so youre probably fine but if your period is late take a test. good Luck



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