I Might Be Pregnant And I M Only 17

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ashley - June 7

ok my boyfriend and i tried to have s_x on may 23,2004. (i mean he penetrated but then we stopped)the next day i had my period but it lasted only three days and there is no uterus lining. i have a lot of the pregnancy symptoms but i'm not quite sure if i'm pregnant or not. if anyone can help me please e-mail me at: cackapoe17@aol.com


Heather - June 3

Hey Listen u need to go to the doctor or something.


Amanda - June 3

I've been looking up on a lot of things about symptoms...but I don't think you'd start having them yet, (since you'd only be a week and half). It could just be all in your head and if you're getting stressed out about it, that could screw up your period as well. On the day of your next (missed) period, take a pregnancy test.


Shelly - June 4

It is always likely you'll get pregnant if you have intercourse. It is even possible to have your period and be pregnant. Using some form of birth control is the only way to lessen the chances. It is easy to get pregnant. It is not absolutely necessary to have intercourse or for ejaculation to occur. There are sperm in the lubrication fluid that comes out of the p___s before ejaculation. You can even get pregnant if you are having your period when you have intercourse. Sperm can live up to a week in the uterus. It only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg. Sperm are very motivated to find and fertilize an egg. It is more common than people think to have a period, or some kind of bleeding while pregnant. If you're not late yet the home test won't work. If you want to know for sure quickly, have a blood test done at your doctor's office or a clinic. Blood tests can tell if you're pregnant before you miss a period. Let me know how you are.


Courtney - June 4

Try a home preg. tests and see what it says. It might say no because it's to early to find out, but try the first response. Wait until your suposse to have your next period and if it dosen't start try another test. !Good Luck!


H - June 7

You wouldn't know if you were pregnant until you miss your next period and the test came back positive.


Sally - June 7

That was probably not your period. It was probably blood from your hymen ripping. I'd say, you have nothing to worry about, but get a test just to be on the safe side.



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