I Might Be Pregnant But Financial Issues

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awaiting - December 31

i'm currently looking for a full time job first off. and am engaged. my fiance would not have objections to me and him having a child if i werent on probation. however i might be pregnant, and he knows that. and the reason i am on probation has to do with money. i have approximately 1,600 dollars left in rest_tution to pay. and myself and my fiance talked about abortion, but at this point in time, neither of us will be able to come up with the finances for it. four hundred dollars is what they normally cost. and i normally wouldnt even consider abortion, but i told him that if thats what he wanted i would consider it. i'm 16, hes 19. wich could possibly lead into legal issues, and myself and him have enough of those already. i'm at a loss of what to do, i was recently pregnant and lost the child due to a miscarriage after i was in a car accident.(which is the reason i am looking for a job at the moment) and i have felt empty since. if i am i would love to keep the child. but with the legal and financial issues right now, i'm not really sure what my options are. i've read through posts and people have said "finish school" i've done that, "have a full time job" i have to by january 15 anyway, "wait until you are older" i dont know if thats an option right now. if anyone can help, please do. but right now, abortion isnt an option unless we can come up with the money, and find a place where it can be done confidentially. like i said if anyone can help please do. i'm not even sure this post makes sense.


Grandpa Viv - December 31

I'm sorry your life is so confused right now. I didn't even know a minor could be judged for rest_tution. There's a lot going on here. You don't know if you are pregnant for sure, we don't know if your state frowns on the age difference, it's not clear how a 16 year old could figure she has finished school unless by dropping out, it's odd that nobody learned a lesson the first time you got pregnant, and its odd that a 19 year old boyfriend can't earn enough money to correct his mistakes. I smell an unhealthy relationship in the background. My suggestion is that you visit Planned Parenthood (1-800-230-PLAN for the nearest clinic) to establish that you are pregnant and to see what financial help they can point you to if you decide to terminate. The service is confidential and you don't have to name the father.


awaiting - January 1

i dropped out and got my g.e.d about 7 months ago. hes in the same situation as me about trying to find a job. he could borrow that much from his parents but we also wouldnt know where to look. thank you for the information on planned parenthood and i will be sure to look into that.



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