I Miss Being Pregnant

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becca - March 27

it strange i no i just wish i was pregnant agen amd wish i could go through labour again because i dont remember much n i wish u did i love having paris thou i feel like i want another baby did ne 1 else feel lik this or am i th only 1 and an advice??


autum - March 27

becca, that is a normal feeling. you went a few months with something in your tummy 24/7 and now it's gone. Lots of women get pregnant again right agfter the baby is born due to that reason. I would be pregnant and go through labour a thousand times. but i dont want anymore kids that maybe 3. that is why i am considering being a seragate mother. Just a thought, but for when you are older.


Ariana - March 27

What u want to b pregnant again? Mann i had a horrible time being pregnant, with morning sickness, heartburn and all the discomforts, and labor and birth,, mannnn i still havent forgot the pain. My baby is 2 mo. and I recently had a pregnancy scare, I was sooo terrified that I was pg again but thank G-d im not. I guess some people feel different, right now i feel like i never want to have kids ever again, i mean i want kids but i just dont want to be pregnant again, but thats how i think now, i know i will think differently in the future. Im glad u dont remember much of labour cuz i still do. Anyways congrats on ur baby!!!


becca - March 28

thanx xx but labour for me wasnt that bad yea i did have a tough pregnancy buti still want to be again i want to go through labour again and i dont no y im sad because i dont remember her coming out or the process of labour


Audrey - March 28

Becca- Congratulations on having a healthy child! It's normal to feel the way you are, but it'll pa__s eventually. Doctors recommend that if you want to get pregnant again, to wait six months to a year to allow your body to heal completely and get back to normal. Best wishes!


becca - March 28

thank you xx


to becca - April 4

thats the most stupid thing ive heard u wanna get knocked up agen twat bet u dont even look after your own brat proberly let alown another one probably buy anopther bloke get real


To Above - April 4

Get a life moron


to becca - April 14

god a teen mum trying to breed more teen mum god help us


MELISSA - April 14



lucas's mom - April 14

my son is 2 years old and im going baby crazy too. Im only 18 but I take care and support my child, well his father and my self, so I dont see any reason not to get pregnant again. They say just about every mom get's this way between 1 and 2 years after they have a child. So I think it is completly normul for you to feel the way you do. Don't lisson to anything negitive that anyone has to say to you, they just dont have anything else to do. So what im trying to tell you is that im in the same boat as you, and If you would like to chat my screan name is [email protected]



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