I Need Advise Please A Lot Of Advise

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Margaret - April 19

I really need advise...you see, two years ago, I had this wonderful relationship with this boy...he sort of cheated on me, I found out and broke up with him, weeks later I find out I am pregnant, with HIS child, I move and never see him again...until now, I moved again to my home town and he is still there, I think I should tell him he has a son...but I don't know, what do you think? and...if you think I should, how do I do it??? It's not like I still love him or something.......but i really need to know.


katie - April 19

i think ur rite i think it wud b best to tell him...he kinda needs to no so aleast when u baby boy gets older and asks u were his dady is u can say well aleatst ur dady no about u and stuff and to b honest i really dnt no how u wud go about tellin him...i think maybe u sud just get him by himself and just tell him straight...there no other way u can tell him..mind u its goin b a big shock and he mite freak a bit and not admit it..but give him time gd luck xxx katie


Jen - April 19

Yes, tell him for your sons sake..so your son will never have to.


meredith - April 19

yes, do tell him. he has a right to know. you may not still love him, but every child has the right to have a father. you never know, he may end up being a wonderful dad. good luck!


Margaret - April 20

I guess I'll tell him then, but I have no idea how to do it


meredith - April 20

take him somewhere kinda private, and just tell him you have something important to say and youre sorry you didnt tell him sooner. he's probably gonna be quite mad, but thats to be expected. just tell him the truth, and give him time to talk. make sure you listen to what he has to say and stay calm. just have courage, if he wants to be a part of your son's life, then he will be, if not, then its his loss andyou can go back to your life. hth!


kim - April 21

open your mouth and tell him


Tiahna - April 23

Tell your ex! Do it in private. He has a right to know, you have a right to tell him and your son has a right to have a father.


KC(casey) - April 23

you may not still love him but he has a right to know he has a son.Take him some were whare you to can just talk and till him he has a son


Cara - April 23

he will probably put it together pretty fast if you tell him you have a son now and what your son's age is. It wont be easy to tell him but in the long run it is better that he knows, if not for his sake but then for your sons. Let us know how it goes, his reaction may suprise you.



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