I Need Big Help Really Fast

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Heather - January 12

Ok...I'm 13, ya i know that's REALLY young..but I went camping with my boyfriend over New Years/Christmas break. It was about...2 weeks ago that we had s_x. My parents didn't find out, but i told my mom when I started throwing up and I don't have a fever. I told my boyfriend that I might be pregnant, and he didn't freak out like most b/f's do when they figure out that they're young and having a baby. He tried to talk me into having an abortion..but I don't think I could do that. Ever since I learned about abortions I promised myself that no matter what i wouldn't get one. Plus, its killing a life inside u..that's just wrong. And so he gave up and I told him that IF I am pregnant that I'm keeping the baby. But anyways the problem is, is that I'm already grounded because of the camping trip. My boyfriend and I got banned from seeing each other because we got caught just Making out. I'm scared at what my Dad's reaction is going to be. My mom doesn't have any problem with it. in fact she's gonna go buy me an EPT test. i'm supposed to start my period in a week. If I don't start, then I'm going to take it. I'm scared, like..REALLY scared. Well the doubt about me being pregnant is that it was my first time having s_x, and he never c_med in side of me u know?? But he had ejaculated b4. So now I don't know what to do. but he didn't have a condom on because we were out camping and he forgot to bring some, so i told him just not to c_m inside of me..so I don't know what's going on. Can u please help me?? Am I pregnant??? should I keep the baby????


Missy - January 12

Your mom doesn't have any problem with it? If that's true, no wonder you're in this situation. I'd be scared of Dad too, but sorry, you'll have to face the music. So how are you going to pay for this baby? So, he didn't have a condom and you had s_x anyway? Well, then maybe you'll know better next time. Though, I doubt it. If you are not pregnant, you'll just keep doing what your doing. Oh yeah, "c_med" us not a word. So you promised yourself you'd never have an abortion? How about promising yourself that you'd never allow the situation to even get that far???? Your mom is not at all upset, yet she banned you from seeing your boyfriend because you were caught making out?


sarah - January 12

have the baby but maybe adoption is a possible answer.


Lucy - January 12

This poster sounds like a crackpot.


steff - January 13

hi heather, i just wana say it really is 100% upto you wether or not you keep this baby, please dont let yourself be forced or pressured into something you dont want to do because you will regret it for th rest of your life. Fair enough you made a mistake and now your facing the consequences. Its nice to no that you think your mum is gna support you, that is great because you need all of the support you can get. good luck and let us no what happens .


Grandpa Viv - January 13

If your period is not due for a week, it is extremely unlikely that your throwing up is due to pregnancy. That comes later. Since you are much closer to your mom than most of the girls who post here, the next step is to have her get you on birth control. In spite of all your resolutions to the contrary, it will happen again. Good luck!


lynn - January 13

I wonder if this is real or not but I will treat it as real.If you are pregnant you have to think of this.You have four years of high school left.It can be done with enough support.This is up to you, your boyfriend,your parent and his parent to sit down and decide.If they aren't willing to help a open adopition may be the way to go.If you are not pregnat get birth control.



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