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confused101 - April 14

Am I pregnant? Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant guyz this is what happened: my boyfriend again tried to touch me. I was hesitant because I am really afraid o get pregnant and i'm not ready but he insists. He touched my ass with some small amount of prec_m on hi hands. I know guyz that the c_m should enter my va___a. But it's very close. I am also aware that that day was my ovulation day. The day that I am so fertile. I was so nervous that when I got home I placed the same finger on my ass and then on my vulva to measure the distance between them. I was so nervous that I forgot that this act might transfer the sperm from my ass to my va___a. Pls help me. Can I be pregnant????


Jamie - April 14

i dont think so


bean - April 14

Honey, the chances are very very unlikely. But I totally respect how nervous and upset you are. It simply goes to show that you are a mature young woman who wants to take care of herself and her body. Please, for that reason, always use a contraceptive. To ease your worries there's nothing else you can do but calm down and wait for your next period. Best of luck to you. It's really refreshing to see someone so mature with "real" questions on this site. I applaud you.


bump - April 15



bump2bump - April 15



cnfused101 - April 15

i really appreciate ur replies keep it coming


china - April 15

i doubt it i dont think you have got anything to worry about. But whats with the insisting? If you dont want to be touched but he insists you should tell him to go f**k himself


confused101 - April 15

thanks i quite releived anyway i've been my b___sts are quite tender than usual but not sore and not painful either. I'm seven days away from my period. is this just a sign of Premenstrual Syndrome


cnfused101 - April 16



confused - April 19

oh guyz i little help here...



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