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Ali - January 1

well my bf and i had s_x last month on the 24th and my period is now 2 weeks late and im getting worried. I have been up vomitting early in the morning and then i just want to sleep the day away after i vomit. I keep getting really bad pains in my lower area as if im going to get my period but i havent got it yet. The reason why im really worried is because it was unprotected s_x and im only 17 and still wanting to finish school and go to college.


advice - January 1

if u still want to finish school and college then y have unprotected s_x in the first place? Well whats done is done, i would get tested if i were u, cuz it does sound like you may be pregnant, but just cuz u might be pg dont mean that u cant finish school and go to college, it will just be harder. If u not pregnant then USE PROTECTION next time.


Grandpa Viv - January 1

OOPS! That would be s_x on Nov 24 right at the end of your last menstrual period which started Nov 17? S_x on Day 7 of your cycle is not normally considerd in your fertile window, but no day of the cycle is completely safe. If these dates are about right, you can go out and buy a home pregnancy test today and use it first pee in the morning. I am happy to talk to you at [email protected], or you can call 1-800-230-PLAN for your nearest Planned Parenthood clinic, where you will be able to discuss your options in confidence. Good luck!


Val - January 2

that first response is very unhelpful. Those just like my systoms when I get pregnant but a test will be needed to find out for sure. And there is no reason why you can't still finish your schooling it's just going to require determination and alot of creative thinking. But whatever your decision i hope you have future peace and happiness.


Ali... - January 3

i went to the hospital today and got a test done and blood tests done and all of the tests came back negative except for my pregnancy test. I am kinda excited but at the same time im scared. i am going to go thru with my pregnancy and just try and figure things out and try to make ends meet and make things work for myself and my baby.


Grandpa Viv - January 3

Congratulations Ali. We wish you and your baby a prosperous and healthy future!



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