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sally - April 6

im 16 and about 7 weeks pregnant my parents want me to have an abortion but i know i will regret it for the rest of my life and won't be able to cope the choice they have given me is ruin my parents lives or kill my baby i dont know what to do. please help.


.. - April 6

Its your baby and your choice. Yopu need to do what is best for you and your baby.Yeah it may make your parents miserable but its your choice. Just consider how it would be. If it were me i would abort it every child gets a chance to live i think but if you wont be able to take care of it then put it up for adoption to a family who cant have any


Andrea - April 6

well think about your self and how these id going to afect you later on in your life also they are not going to ruin your parents life they mad but later they will take care of tha baby so i you dont think that abortion is the best for your self and the baby Dont due it is better that you have a good concience


justagurl - April 6

Hi, i'm 17, and i'm in the same exact situation that you are in... it hurts so much. My boyfriend and I want to keep the baby so much, but it will kill my father... the disapointment, the embarrasment. My mother knows, she is the one taking me to get the abortion. I know that i am never going to be able to forgive my self for this, we want our baby so much, in perfect world, at 17 girls would not be frowned upon if they had a child. My father would know i'm pregnant and would be okay, in a perfect world. I know ppl say "your baby, your choice" but it isnt that way, because if it is going to hurt your parents, how will they deal with it, where will you go when they cant stand to look at you, when you know you are killing them slowly. You love your parents, i love my parents, and that is why we are doing this... its goin to hurt forever...yes... but it's better for you life sally. You will get another full chance at life, you will go to school with no worries, you will make it through college, and you will have your parents there with you. There is always another time, a better time, the right time... I hate myself for what i'm goin to do tomarrow, because that is my abortion day, but i know i will get married someday, and have another child, at the right time... when i have a house, the money, and of course the man that is going to be mine for the rest of my life. And then i'll be ready to be a mom, and you will as well, and my parents will be ready to be grandparents. good luck sally...


Mizzy17 - April 7

Have you started to show yet??


mina - April 7

show them that poem on the topic "dear mommy" it might make them change their mind


Lou - April 7

Most parents think that they know it all .But they done cause adoption never crossed there minds. Why does everybody think that abortion is the answer ….read the poem and check out this site www.100abortionpictures.com maybe that will change there minds


katie - April 7

u can tell u dnt want an abortion and they cant make u have one cause its ur body..and if u decide u want to keep ur baby they will get used to it and support u after all u r there daughter and they just want the best for u =) but give them time to come to terms with it if tht wat u choose gd luck xxx katie


Alyssa - April 7

doi not get the abortion because with adoption at lest you know someone who cares for you child will love and care for it when you were not ready do not pinish your baby for your mistake it is not it's fault and there are plenty of couples that want babys and can not have them just think about it befor you make you decision thats all i can sujust


justagurl - April 13

think about how hard it is going to be going through with the whole 9 months of your pregnancy, and having your baby... then having to give it up for adoption... i've already gone though with my abortion, it was hard but i did it... i would never have been able to give my baby up for adoption, giving it up to someone else. Your still a baby yourself, just like me, think really hard about the long run and what you really want. I know someday i am goin to be graduating college, getting married, and having my baby, when everything is right... think about what you want... everything will be fine. You still have a long time ahead of you, that is what the nurse at the clinic told me. "Your still a kid, give yourself a chance to still live like one, and when you are older and ready... you will have you family" they were a really great help. email me at [email protected] if you need to talk more about it


????? - April 13

Adoption is a wonderful option. You can still watch your child grow. You will know what your child looks like and what they will grow up to be. Even if you are not the one to raise the child. If you choose to abort you will NEVER know what your child would have looked like. You will think about it everytime you pa__s a child on the street and wonder what if I had chose life for my child. Once you abort you can NEVER go back. NEVER is FOREVER. Please cosider your options carefully and decide what is best for you and your child.


Cheryl - April 13

If you cosider adoption as one of your choices please consider me. If you want to talk you can email [email protected]



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