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Adriana - August 3

i went to the hospital and my obgyn told me something about finding a pediatrician. well can anyone help explain how that works cause i don't know. I'm being covered by my moms health insurance but i don't know if it will cover the baby. and how do i make sure a pediatrician looks over mt baby. i don't want to ask my doctor cause she's already doubting my parenting ability


Wanda from NM - August 3

I would first check to see if your mom's insurance will take care of your baby. Then, if it does, check the insurance providers directory for pediatricians in your area. If the policy will not cover your baby, then you can probably get medicaid for it, and again, then you would check for providers in your area. You may also check with other teen moms to find a pediatrician they like. Good luck to you.


Kelly - August 3

Your hospital should provide the pediatrician at the time of birth. It is up to u after u are released to find the one of your choice. Even if you find one and after the 1st visit u don't like them u can always change. If ur mom ins doesnt cover the baby, clinics are everywhere. Good Luck


adriana - August 3

but how do i check my insurance providers directory. all it really says is that someone that is pregnant will be covered. and i already got approval for any length of stay for labor. also medicaid do i get that insurance before or after the baby is born. where do i fill out medicaid papers. right now all my bills are paid by my moms insurance cause of her job we get no help cause i don't know how to get it i hear about wicc and cash a__sitance but for now we're doing it on our own i work pt and my boyfriend works full time and only keeps like 40 dollars of his pay the rest goes to me but i need to figure out this doctor thing soon


Jbear - August 4

You need to call your mom's insurance and ask if your baby is covered. (or your mom can call) If your baby will be covered, pick a pediatrician from the list of providers, call and tell them you're looking for a doctor for your baby, who is due (whenever). The doctor's office will tell you if they're accepting new patients, and will make an appointment for you to come in and meet the doctor before your baby is born. Some hospitals insist that you choose a pediatrician before your baby is born. You give the hospital the name of the doctor you've chosen, and they notify the doctor when the baby is born. If your baby is not covered by your mom's insurance, look up the department of human services in the blue pages of your local phone book. They're the ones who do medicaid. They will probably tell you to come in and fill out forms before they tell you if you may be eligible. If you are eligible for Medicaid for your baby, you'll automatically be eligible for WIC. Because you live with your mom, her income will be considered when determining your eligibility, but don't let that discourage you from at least finding out if you're eligible.



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