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DK - November 11

Alright, my gf and I are 15. I am definitely scared if she is pregnant because we didn't have s_x, but we were screwing around with my boxers on and hers off. I didn't use a condom. My "yeah" was out but she never touched it. Now we are really scared if she is pregnant or not because of the fact that her period was missed in a couple of days. She has brown stuff on her panties, but I dont know if its "spotting". I'm calmer than before, but i'm just as scared. I love my girlfriend, and I hope that she isn't pregnant. I just need to know if she is pregnant or not. Because this has been on my mine since the day it happened. It happened about 3 weeks ago. And she had her last period the 1st of october and ended the 7th of october. I don't know. I'm so scared.


Sigh - November 11

If she is late, have her take a test. The odds of pregnancy are slim but if s____n got anywhere near her v____a it could possibly swim up. The only way to know is to take a test. We cannot look into her uterus for her.


mia - November 21

your boxers were on, hers were off, no s_x, she didnt touch u but it was out, how can u get her pregnant if ya willy is flying around in mid air.. This is the scary bit kids asking things like this with no experience but having s_x, not u two but i mean others, plz all u 12 13 - 17 yr olds quit it, get educated s_xually first..... and dk i am sure she is fine


Oh brother - November 21

Good God, don't you people even read books anymore? And they say that there shouldn't be s_x ed in schools? This is a perfect example of why real quality s_x ed is so desperately needed!


dee - December 9

you have nothing to worry about she is definitely not pregnant. you actually have to have s_x to get pregnant sweetie!! if your p___s did not insert her v____a you have nothing to worry about. and the brown discharge that's a sign of an infection; maybe yeast or bacteria infection!! 100% sure there is no baby!


hm - December 9

you can get pregnant without having s_x. dee, do more research or give less advice. sigh had it right.



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