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AddysMummy - November 30

My stupid whore mum left last night (already drunk btw) to meet this guy she met on the internet, and she has been gone for 13 hrs. No call no nothing. I asked my gma what I should do, she said give it 2 more hrs then call the police. I took her car last night, so she couldn't drive anywhere drunk, but she took a cab to this guy.. and I don't know what to do.


Mommy2be - November 30

wow...Yeah I would call the police. Do you know where on the internet? like yahoo or something?


jennifer_33106 - November 30

Do you know where they were meeting at or where they were going? I would call the police but if you are in the states then they might make you wait what is it 48 hours to file a missing person report. I hope she is ok!


PreciousBaby19 - November 30

Yeah i think you have to wait 48 hours hun...until you can call someone. It really sucks that you have to wait that long but until you do they wont do anything but say we'll look into it. I'm sorry but after 48 hours then you should call and see what can be done..until then i would try calling her friends or anything to see if you can locate her.


tish212 - November 30

you can go t the police station and attempt to make a report...make sure u tell them she was going to meet a guy from the net. they may tell u to wait...but they may take it seriously since it was to meet someone she didn't know...if u know someone who can "hack" computers they ca bring up her chats with this guy and u can find out where they were going to meet....BUT IF U DO ...DON'T GO THERE ALONE alert the police to the location and send them.... I am so so sorry that u r dealing with this...(i understand the drunk mother thing...my mothers a drunk too) try to relax...I know its hard but u might be getting worked up over nothing...(we can hope at least) keep us posted...


AddysMummy - November 30

I found her. I logged on her account and got the guys phone number, called and picked her up. Now I am PO'd at my old bank, ( I switched because they were IDIOTS) because they called sayin I owed 800$ WTF no 1stly I paid that back, secondly they should NOT have let it get THAT negative!!!



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