I Need Help From As Many People As Possible Im Really Concer

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PaRiS 4 LiFe - April 20

ok i had unprotected s_x on april 12 and i have taken over 10 at home pregnancy testsd that came out negative and two doctors tests that came out negative but my stomach feels hard. I also got my period and it went away the same day and im really starting to think im pregnant the only thing is is that the only symptoms i've been feeling are tiredness, bachache and and a hard stomach and a weird ass period plz help, i'm having a metnal break down


teen mom - April 20

Some times you're mind can play tricks on you. Do you want to be pregnant? Some times when you want somthing so bad, you make you're body have simptoms. If the Doctor said you're not then most likely you're not. If you want to be shoure have an ultrasound done and then you can be 100% positive about it. Good luck,and I hope everything works out the wasy you want!


Jenn - April 20

When was your last period? It's impossible to get a positive result 1 week after. I highly doubt your pregnant - to avoid this in the future you may want to think about Birth Control.


PaRis 4 LiFe - April 20

thank you teen mom its not that i wanna be pregnant its just somwthing that scares me i kno i wouldnt be able to care for a child and i just want to get back on track and get this whole pregnancy thing out of my mind if u wanna talk some more u can reach me at [email protected]


PaRiS 4 Life - April 20

thanks jenn for ur comment my last period was febraury 18 snd then i had unprotected s_x on march 12 i made ahuge typo on my post and ment to say march 12 not april 12. So i would be like on month pregnant but i havent really felt any of the signs besides the ones i have posted above. Should i get my blood taken or is a urine test thats given at the doctors just as accurate as getting ur blood drawn?


Audrey - April 21

PaRiS- If your last period was Feb 18 and you had s_x on March 12 it was unlikely you could have become pregnant then unless you ovulated very late. However your symptoms tell a different story. I'd say go to a doctor to have a blood test done, because a blood test is more reliable than a urine test. Best wishes!


Jenn - April 21

Are you pretty regular with your periods? You got your period in April and it lasted 1 day? Was it heavy, light, brown discharge? I'm still thinking that you're not pregnant if you took HPTs and two doctors tests (which I'm a__suming you went to the doctor and had blood drawn) if these are all negative - I'd say being pregnant is very slim. The stress you're putting on yourself will also cause you to have weird periods and sometimes can cause you to skip periods as well.


katie - April 21

i dnt think your pregnant if you hav had all those tests done....so stay calm cause stress can muck your period up too but take care xxx katie



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